A Musical Dissection Of The Top 5 Hits by Jackson Wang

Musical Dissection is primarily a way to analyze the musicality of a given artist. Essentially, the aim is to deconstruct certain aspects of an artist’s music catalogue. We are also looking to answer any underlying questions we may have about the scope of the artist, such as: What kind of artist are they? What genre of music do they make? What messages does the artist send in their music?

In this edition, we shall be covering Jackson Wang.

A Musical Dissection of the Top 5 Hits By Jackson Wang
A Musical Dissection of the Top 5 Hits By Jackson Wang

First of all, who is Jackson Wang? Well, you may know him from either his solo work, or being a member of Kpop group GOT7. Maybe you know him from being a coach on Street Dance of China, or being the CEO of Team Wang. Perhaps you may know him from the various variety shows he has participated in or maybe you know him as that guy who makes you wonder if there are really 24 hours in a day considering the amount of stuff he has going on. In this article, however, we will go into the aspect of his solo work.

So without further ado, let’s investigate some of the songs in his music roster.


We begin by taking a look at Papillon. Within the first few seconds of this high energy number, you can tell the direction the song is going in sonically. It may feel like a song that you can jump up and party to, showcasing your dance skills (to be fair, it is), but lyrically is where the confidence is taken up a notch. The lyrics convey a sense of freedom, the ability to do what you want to do and follow your own rules. Basically, being yourself unapologetically. So if you are looking for a song to up the ante on your confidence levels, this just may be the right one for you.


At first listen, its may simply seem to be a song about the heartbreak caused by the end of a relationship. However, upon further review, you’ll find that the song really expresses the vulnerability of losing anyone or anything significant. Something so cherished that you thought would last, subconsciously getting lost in the promise of forever. So when that special something is taken away, a feeling of defeat may engulf you. It’s a universal feeling that most people go through at some point in life, and Jackson perfectly encompasses that vulnerability in this song.


In this song, we get Jackson’s side of the story concerning the demise of a relationship. Sometimes, people are not who they seem to be. You may think that you are on the same wavelength and you may put your all into building that foundation and assuring its sustainability. However, when things don’t turn out the way you expected them to, and true faces are uncovered behind the mask, you begin to look back at certain things and analyze what you could have missed. This song is the realization of things that you should have noticed once the rose colored glasses were taken off. Jackson’s vocals, amid the heightening beat add the perfect effect to the common paralleling story that a handful of people may experience in life.

4. 100 WAYS

When it comes to love, there are hundreds…no, thousands….actually, maybe even millions of songs written about it. It is love, after all. But there is something different about this song. This is about fighting for love, no matter how long it takes, no matter how hard it is. Its about the belief that the love you are fighting for is no ordinary love, but the type of love that you would go through different dimensions for. Truthfully, there are a lot of obstacles when it comes to love. Some are difficult, others are unbearable , but as long as you choose each other, none are impossible. On top of that, 100 ways proudly shows off its Chinese influence in both audio and visual. (Watch the beautifully crafted music video for full effect!)
5. SHOULD’VE LET GO ( with JJ Lin)

Jackson teams up with Cpop legend and vocal powerhouse JJ Lin in this ballad.

The lyrical content expresses a former relationship that clearly left an impact on the parties involved. Memories are looked back on with an almost helpless feeling in regard to the effect that the relationship had. The emotive nature of the song makes one assume that despite what may have happened, and the obvious acknowledgement of the fact that they “should’ve let go”, they may not entirely regret it (emphasis on entirely). This is due to the fact that the events of the past have led them to the point that they’re at, with the artists showing their vulnerability by expressing that they may fall apart without the pined for. This leads the listener to toggle with whether there is desire for reconciliation, despite the realization, or if it’s one of those moments where talking out loud leads one to finally close that chapter and move on. It’s that openness that helps the listener consider the what they think they song might mean, allowing different varieties that lie on the same spectrum. One thing’s for sure, at the end of the day, regardless of the take, that pivotal point in life will give leeway for the aforementioned to learn and grow from the situation eventually.

Individually, the artist’s deliver the song with the appropriate amount of passion required. This is also highlighted when they synchronize their vocals, leaving the listener to grasp at the emotional strings that are being tugged.

So, after a dissection, we would need to find answers to whatever questions we may have had before the analysis began.

What kind of artist is Jackson Wang?

He seems to be an artist that makes whatever music resonates with him. A non-restrictive artist, if you may.

What genre of music would you place Jackson Wang in?

I don’t think he is very genre specific. Jackson seems to have his own colour. Even the times where he may seem to lean towards a specific sound, he is not boxed in, preferring to add his own touch to whatever lane the song is in.

What messages does Jackson Wang send in his music?

Gathering the themes together, we get Confidence, Vulnerability, Realization, Love (Endeavor) and Admittance. There is a mixture of messages but they can all be covered under one umbrella; Aspects of life. Jackson covers different variations of things that we may encounter in our life’s journey, both the highs and the lows.

In conclusion, there isn’t a clear definitive way to describe the sonic energy of his music. In fact, if I had to put a word on his blueprint, only one comes to mind….

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