A Review of Ouyang Nana’s Second EP, NANA II

NANA II (A review of the second EP in the NANA trilogy!)

Here we are at part II of the Nana Ouyang series with another in-depth review of Ouyang Nana’s EP – NANA II! The musical prodigy released the sequel to NANA I and of course we had to give it a listen!

Ouyang Nana in a promotional poster for NANA II

There were two main differences between NANA I and NANA II. The first one being that NANA II is the first Chinese EP in the trilogy. The second difference is the way the lyrical content is presented. While NANA I was more forthright with the lyrics, explaining the narrative in a more candid manner, NANA II, interestingly, took a more metaphorical approach.


Nana explores duality as she seemingly unveils both sides of the coin concerning her inner most thoughts. She goes through the complexities that a lot of people can relate to. Sometimes we want to do or be one thing while other times we feel like doing or being something else on the opposite end of the spectrum. The minimalist instrumentals amid Nana’s signature vocals combine to form the perfect tranquil tune. The lyrics, especially the last words pull at the heart strings just the right way, and we aren’t complaining. 


Though the title may remind one of the Frances Hodgson masterpiece, the lyrical content feels closer to an Alice in wonderland-esque feel, with the metaphorical content taking a front seat in a way that only Nana knows how to encapsulate. But aside from the lyrics and clear cut vocals, what really stands out about this song is the instrumentals. In the second verse, the ante is upped, with teases of electric guitar and drums blossoming. It all comes to a head after the second chorus as the barrage of instruments lock together to give it an anthemic feel.It is definitely the most different sounding song in the series so far, yet, it still manages to keep Nana’s signature charm. 


A juxtaposition of various sceneries start out this number, with the first verse painting the unique montage Nana gives out as an artist. Heading into the chorus, her voice gives off a luculent melody on top of an almost beautifully haunting undertone. The bass becomes prominent in the second verse. As the second chorus approaches, the song gathers distinction, precisely the combination of the instrumentals in the first chorus with the instruments of verse two. One thing stays the same, as with the other songs, and that is Nana’s fairy-like vocals that never fail to get the emotional point across to the listener. 

Ouyang Nana's teaser image for NANA II

In conclusion, NANA II proves what music is all about. Evoking emotion. Getting the story across. Ensuring that the listener is submerged in color of the music. But once more, don’t just take my word for it, go out there and give it a listen!

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