A Review of Ouyang Nana’s Album: NANA I

 NANA I ( A review of an EP that you should be listening to!)

If you are looking for an artist with soothing vocals that leave you feeling like you are living on cloud nine and lyrics that tell a story that could get you engrossed in its charm, look no further than Ouyang Nana. The musical extraordinaire who among many achievements was the youngest cellist to give a solo recital debut in Convert Hall of Taiwan, is back with the recently released EP NANA II. So why not do a dissection of the NANA series so far (it’s expected to be a trilogy), starting first, with a review the earlier released NANA I.


The first EP of the Nana series is an English EP. Nana’s lyrics are barefaced, with a clear cut showing of intention. The listener is taken on the journey with her, akin to being a close observer, that was there for every moment.



The implosion of a relationship, or anything really, can cause great heartache. There are so many ways to deal with it. For some it’s anger, for others it’s deflection.

In this serene tune, Nana chooses a peaceful resolve.

She takes us through the downsides of the relationship, singing about how fights would be over nothing and words that were never intended were vocalized.

She acknowledges the fact that the possibility of maintaining a friendship is null, even if they try to convince themselves otherwise. Nevertheless she’d much rather feign that it’s attainable. 

At the end of the day all she wants is the best for her significant other, not holding any resentment towards them, because there is still love and somehow, that overpowers any ill wishes.

Nana’s vocals stand out amidst the mellow tune, taking us through the catharsis in a way that we can all identify with.


In Tell Me You Do Too, Nana reminisces about the better times and hopes for more blissful memories. A world where the two of them are at their happiest. Enjoying moments that vary from nights in Paris to ice-cream in the sunshine. Hoping nothing can take away the paradise. The main premise, however, is the question of whether the feelings are mutual or unrequited.

Her voice shines bright in this dreamy number as every word strikes with sincerity, leaving the listener to get immersed and also wonder if the pined for feels the same way too. 


If we had to base this on the five stages of grief, then this is the acceptance stage.

Acceptance that in the end, it didn’t work out. Acceptance that talking won’t soften anything. Accepting the reality of the situation. However, acceptance doesn’t always mean that it’s easy. She explores the complexity of wanting the person to freely live their life, but not wanting to witness it before her eyes. The honesty of the song is highlighted in the sincere lyrics and suited instrumentals.

In conclusion, NANA I is a musical journey of a relationship gone south, and Nana explains it in a way that captivates the listener and takes them through the motions along with her. NANA I is a soothing EP that can pillow a hard day. Don’t just take my word for it, go out there and give it a listen!

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