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Interested in Chinese music and culture. Got invited here into work on translations and to improve on my trilingual skills, thanks to Wei Wei. ?

Yang Mi Sets Up A New Company With Her Father As A Joint Shareholder

Yang Mi was recently discovered to have set-up a new company with her father.

Chinese Netizens React to iQiyi’s Action Plan To “Rectify Fandom Behavior”

Netizens React To iQiyi's official "rectification of fandom behavior" plan.

iQiyi Issues An Action Plan Directed At “Rectifying Fandom Behavior” Due Recent “Chaos” Caused By Fandom Circles

iQiyi issued an announcement on its plans regarding an operation to rectify the recent "chaos" that has erupted within the fandom circle in China. The move is widely recognized as a step to reform...

Chen Kun Reacts To The Controversy Surrounding His Son’s Biological Mother

Chen Kun was at the heart of a controversy lately, as rumors about the actual identity of his son's mother ran rife.

Ju Jingyi’s Shoulder Line Stirs Controversy Causing Her Studio To Rebuke Rumors

Ju Jingyi is an celebrity who is well recognized in China for her great beauty and popular acting works in the recent years. Yet, changes to her shoulder line have recently aroused heated discussions...

Lin Yi Shares Skin Care Secrets To Achieve Flawless Skin

At a Lancome brand event, Lin Yi recently shared his skin care secrets: to always rest well, maintain a good state of being, and to exercise regularly.

Zhou Dongyu Joins the Shanghai Film Festival As The Judge of The Golden Goblet Award

Recently, the 24th Shanghai Film Festival have made changes to the list of judges for the main competition unit of the Golden Goblet Award. Zhou Dongyu and Belgian photographer Matthias Delvaux were announced to...

Ding Chengxin Is All Smiles After Taking His College Entrance Exams

Ding Chengxin recently took a group photo with his classmates recently. On the evening of the 9th, a photo of Ding Chengxin with his classmates after the college entrance examination was revealed online.

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo’s Fans Raised Money To Construct “Wu Ji” Road Inspired By The Untamed’s Theme Song

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo 's fans have cooperated and raised enough money to make a donation to build the "Wuji Road." Netizens have praised fans of the pair, as they have successfully championed...

Darren Wang Talu and Rumored Girlfriend Joey Chua Have Been Spotted Kissing In Public

Recently, the paparazzi captured a footage of the actor Darren Wang Talu and rumored girlfriend Joey Chua (Cai Zhuoyi) from "Youth With You 2" kissing late at night. The news became trending on Weibo's...

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