Author: Oolong K. C.

Daily C-Pop’s 2021 Highlights

It was certainly an interesting year, for not just C-Pop but the entirety of Chinese entertainment in 2021, with events that have impacted the industry permanently. While we are at the dawn of the...

C-Pop Songs To Stream This June 2021

June has been a month full of great Cpop releases. I thought it might be nice to highlight some of our favourite Cpop songs this month.

Yan Yongqiang from Fruit Planet Issues Then Deletes Apology for Unfollowing Fellow Band Members

On the 27th of June, Yan Yongqiang, suona player from the band Fruit Planet signed to Wajijiwa, issued a response as to why he suddenly unfollowed his fellow band members on Weibo.

Actors, Please Take Your Place Season 2: A Retrospective Review

The second season of “Actors, Please Take Your Place” has just wrapped up, and was definitely an interesting season, sparking a lot of conversation among netizens as well as delivering some memorable performances. If...

Meng Ziyi Responds To Controversy Surrounding Her “Internet Celebrity Face” Following Criticism By Guo Jing Ming

On the latest episode of “Actors, Please Take Your Place”, Actress Meng Ziyi who is best known for her recent roles in The Untamed and The Legend of the Condor Heroes was criticized by...

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