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“Falling Into Your Smile” Welcomes SEVENTEEN, WAYV, Joker Xue and Angela Chang As Singers For The Esports Drama OST

The long-awaited Chinese drama “Falling Into Your Smile” is slated to premiere globally from June 23 on Youku, WeTV, Line TV, Astro TV and more.

Xiao Zhan Gets Besieged By Fans After A Hotpot Restaurant Allegedly Leaked Details of His Whereabouts

Recently, Xiao Zhan's live-stage performance for the play, "A Dream Like A Dream" went on very smoothly at its Chengdu performance venue. After the crew had wrapped up their last performance in city, the...

Zhang Yanqi To Sign With 88rising Following R1SE’s Disbandment

Former R1SE member Zhang Yanqi has announced that he will join 88rising, a mass media company to create a new music label, "SEVENATION".

Xiao Zhan and Li Qin Get Caught In Dating Rumors After Having Hotpot Together

Recently, Xiao Zhan and Li Qin were speculated to be dating as the actress appeared at the scene of the Xiao Zhan stage play celebration banquet. Some netizens even reported that the two are...

Street Dance of China – Season 4

The "Street Dance of China 4"'s International Challenge is about to start. The three-season champion and the All-Star Captain Alliance will lead Chinese dancers to meet the challenges of street dance masters from all...

Wang Yibo Is Officially Confirmed to Return to “Street Dance of China 4”

On June 9, the Street Dance of China's official Weibo page announced that Wang Yibo would be making his return to the fourth season of the show. Wang Yibo was one of the mentors...

Truth Or Dare (Chinese Drama) – Li Gengxi, Huang Jun Jie

Truth or Dare (花好月又圆) is a Chinese costume drama that follows the lives of two couples, Xiao Wanzi (Li Gengxi) and the stoic major Mei Shiqing (Huang Jun Jie)

Yang Zi Denies She Has A Boyfriend and Affirms She Is A Single and Strong Woman

Yang Zi recently refuted rumors that she has a boyfriend at a press conference of the iQiyi variety show, "The Detectives' Adventures."

Jackson Wang Withdraws From The Qingdao Rye Music Festival

On June 7, Wang Jiaer's studio issued an announcement on the social platform that “Jackson Wang Jiaer could not participate in the Rye Music Festival in Qingdao on June 13 due to unexpected travel...

Stray Birds (Chinese Drama) – Xu Lu and Gao Zhiting

Stray Birds (飞鸟集) is a Chinese drama about the lives of IT college graduates, Su Xiaoman (portrayed by Xu Lu) and Wu Yue (portrayed by Gao Zhiting) who fell in love at first sight....

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