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Hu Ge ‘s Agent Denies Rumors That He Has Reconciled With Ex-Girlfriend, Xue Jianing

Hu Ge was recently spotted to have attended former girlfriend, Xue Jianing's musical, "Orphans of Zhao Family". At the end of the musical, both also took a group photo together on stage. Some fans...

Hu Ge Rumored To Have Reunited With Ex-Girlfriend Xue Jianing After 12 Years

Recently, Hu Ge and Xue Jianing were rumored to have gotten back together after the male actor was spotted attending her musical. Eagle eyed netizens have spotted Hu Ge among the crowd and shared...

Xia Zhiguang and Rumored Girlfriend Zhong Lili Get Caught on Date

Recently, Xia Zhiguang has been sighted going out on a date with rumored girlfriend Zhong Lilli once more. This comes after the 21 year-old R1SE member had apologized half a year ago for the...

Shen Yue Spotted On A Noodle Date with Rumored Boyfriend Sun Ning

Recently, Shen Yue has been spotted on yet another date with her rumored boyfriend, Sun Ning. This time round, Sun Ning appeared to have met up with Shen Yue at a noodle shop and...

Eric Chou Gets Back Together With Former News Anchor Girlfriend, Dacie Chao

According to Taiwanese media reports, Eric Chou and former news anchor girlfriend Dacie Chao were embracing each other on the street.

Kris Wu Responds To Allegations That He Ghosted His “Ex-Girlfriend”: Stream My Music

Kris Wu finally broke the silence on recent allegations made by a influencer, Dou Meizhu, that he was a 'scumbag' who had ghosted her for a month despite them 'dating.'

Liang Jie (梁洁) Profile

Liang Jie is a Chinese actress born on June 16, 1994, in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province in China.

My Dear Guardian (Chinese Drama)

My Dear Guardian (爱上特种兵) is a drama based on Jinjiang Literature City author's novel "Rain Fingers Under The Military Uniform." The show focussed on the two professionals - one from the special forces and...

Kris Wu Gets Exposed As A “Scumbag” By Netizen Claiming To Be His Alleged Girlfriend’s Best Friend

Kris Wu Yifan was recently exposed as being a 'scumbag' by a netizen claiming to be his former girlfriend's best friend.

Wang Ziqi Seen Holding Hands With Rumored Girlfriend Wang Churan

Wang Ziqi, the male lead for the Chinese drama, "The Imperial Coroner" was allegedly spotted on a date with rumored girlfriend, Wang Churan.

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