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Liu Yuxin Apologises For Covid-19 Remarks Which Led To A Misunderstanding

Liu Yuxin trended on the Weibo hot search recently due to a controversial statement she made in a livesteram.

Rikimaru of INTO1’s Fanclub Denies Rumors That The Member Is Leaving The Group And Cites Health Reasons For His Break From Work

On the 23rd August, INTO1’s official Weibo account stated that Rikimaru will suspend work due to personal health reasons, and will return home in the near future to receive treatment peacefully with the company...

Zhang Zhehan and Huo Zun’s Works Get Removed From Chinese Streaming Platforms

Following the latest controversy surrounding Zhang Zhehan's photos featuring controversial Japanese War Shrines, and Henry Huo Zun's alleged mistreatment of his former girlfriend, leading to the latter's decision to exit the entertainment industry, both...

You and I Are Kings (2021)

You and I Are Kings is a Chinese variety show (2021) starring Yang Mi, Simon Gong, Zhang Han. The expected release date of the show is on 19 September 2021.

Zhang Zhehan Issues An Apology Past Photos That Showcased His Visit To Controversial Wartime Shrines In Japan

On August 13, Zhang Zhehan issued an apology for the recent controversy surrounding his past photos on Weibo, where netizens accused him of displaying "pro-Japanese" sentiments.

Street Dance of China 4 To Air on August 14th Onwards

On August 9th, the street dance reality show "Street Dance of China 4" officially announced that the show, starring Team Captain Han Geng, Henry Lau, Wang Yibo, and Lay Zhang Yixing (in order of...

Stage Boom (2021)

Stage Boom is a Chinese variety Show (2021) by iQiyi. The Stage Boom cast members consist of Betty Wu Xuanyi, Yamy, Song Yuqi, Zhou Jieqiong, An Qi, Lu Keran, Chen Zhuoxuan, Dan Yichun and...

The “Falling Into Your Smile” OST Album To Will Be Released On July 30

The “Falling Into Your Smile” OST Album is set for global release on 30th July! In a behind-the-scenes clip leading up to the release, the song artistes, WayV, SEVENTEEN and Xu Kai revealed their...

Hua Chenyu ‘s Studio Denies Accusations Of Plastic Surgery and Cheating

On July 16, Hua Chenyu ‘s Studio responded to plastic surgery, hair transplant and cheating allegations with the release of a lawyer’s statement. The studio forwarded an appeal to “don’t spread rumors, don’t spread...

“Falling Into Your Smile” Production Crew and Yuehua Entertainment Reacts To Criticisms From Netizens

This year, the TV drama"Falling Into Your Smile" starring Cheng Xiao and Xu Kai has been one of the most highly publicized among the E-sports drama niche series.

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