Barbie Hsu Confirms That She Will Be Divorcing Wang Xiaofei

Barbie Hsu has confirmed her intention to divorce her husband of 10 years, Wang Xiaofei, according to Taiwanese news reports.

barbie hsu and wang xiaofei are getting divorced
Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei allegedly getting a divorce

According to Taiwanese media reports, Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei were alleged to be on the verge of divorce on June 5th. The last straw for the Taiwanese actress occured when Wang Xiaofei made early remarks on cross-strait politics on Weibo. Although Wang Xiaofei knew the seriousness of the matter afterwards, he apologized on Weibo earlier.

However,  Barbie Hsu had announced to the media that their divorce process has already started. This was denied by Wang Xiaofei on the same day.

The Producer Chai Zhiping, who is good friends with the couple said in the morning that she was concerned about whether the Barbie Hsu would be getting divorce. The actress replied, “It’s true, but I’m fine, thank Sister Chai for your concern.” Apparently her reasons for divorce, which she has contemplated since last year also include reasons such as a long distance relationship, as she lived in Taipei while he lived in China. The second is differing values and the third is opposing political viewpoints, as her husband is born in China and she in Taiwan.

The producer mentioned that as far as she knows, the personalities of Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei are that both happen to be very straightforward. For a person like Barbie Hsu, she is unlikely to discuss a matter such as divorce easily. However, if she did seriously consider the topic of divorce, it may also show that she is truly unable to tolerate her marriage any further.

Hower Chai Zhiping also expressed that she believed Wang Xiaofei to be a man who loved his family very much. On the many occasions where she had met Wang Xiaofei in Mainland China, the he would always place his family at the utmost priority. He has always spoken well about his wife and placed her and his family above everyone else. She advised that it is best for the outside world to give them more space so that the marriage can hopefully still remain as it is.

While Barbie Hsu had announced her intention to divorce, Wang Xiaofei has denied the divorce allegations. Barbie Hsu’s agent had also denied the fact just this morning, stating that the couple merely had a quarrel.


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