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BlackACE’s Pearain Addresses His Fall Out With Leader Naicha While Filming For “We Are Blazing”

Following BlackACE’s elimination from the “We Are Blazing” this week, member Pearain shared a long Weibo post addressing the issues he has with the BlackACE leader, Naicha, which arose during the filming for the C-pop survival show.

The pair disagreed on the way the group should perform on stage and Pearain also felt that he could not communicate with Naicha.

Some context on BlackACE’s debut 

BlackACE was created from the Youku survival show, “All for One.” The group consisted of contestants who were popular but did not make it for the final line-up of the show. They made their debut in March of 2019, and will continue to be active as a group until 2021, where the boy band would disband.

Within the group, Pearain (Real name: Zhao Pinlin) is ranked first place in terms of the number of votes he attained during his participation in the show, “All for One.”

Leader Naicha (Real name: Shang Zhenbo) initially worked as a dance choreographer before participating in “All for One” and debuting with BlackACE as their leader.

BlackACE was a participating C-pop group for the show, “We Are Blazing”

What happened on “We Are Blazing”?

Previously, it was observed that that during an episode of filming for We Are Blazing” Pearain was not present for the performance. The originally eight-member boy group who debuted in 2019 performed with only 7 members for the “Bad Guy” performance.

Later, BlackACE’s official account made a statement that had left the performance venue “privately” and that the member had realized his mistake and apologized for the problems caused.

No further details were provided on what transpired between Pearain and the members. Following BlackACE’s elimination from the show, Pearain issued a long statement to explain his reason for having left the show that episode privately and his apparent fall out with Naicha,

Pearain from BlackACE was also missing for episode 3 of the filming for “We Are Blazing”

On Weibo, Pearain’s long post alleged that there was injustice done by their leader Naicha when it came to the distribution of the choreography parts between the members on the show in episode four. He also said that he had attempted to communicate with the management company about these issues, but the company dismissed his attempts to discuss the matter, stating that “If the company speaks to Naicha, this issue would become even harder to communicate because he will become more rebellious.”

In the long article, Pearain initially agreed to allow the company to leave the matter as it is. However, subsequently, communication problems occurred and Pearain took the initiative to communicate with Naicha and his management, but they had refused to communicate, and even pretended not to receive his request entirely. In this regard, Pearain felt disappointed in his management company. When he left, he told his company that he would hope to withdraw from the show, and also asked for the company to mediate the problem. However, the management continued to refuse and instead purchased a large number of marketing accounts to make claims that that Pearain had left the show for no reasons.

Pearain’s gives his full statement on the issue:

I don’t know what it will look like on the show, but it’s true that I have had a lot of things to say since I joined BlackACE, so I will use this opportunity to say it. I started out not knowing how to dance at 20 years old and the first type of dance I came into contact with were boy group choreographies. The boy group choreography was very tiring and hard, but I’ve also had profound insights. Every time I went on stage, I would be thinking of how I can deliver a performance that would stun everyone. It doesn’t matter if I think it is an ugly dance at heart, I will still want to deliver it as best as I can. So to me, the standard of a boy-group choreography has never been requiring that of something that is very difficult or something that requires a lot of technical skill (though of course this is still a requirement) but more importantly, it is how to perform it well enough for others to think that it is good. That in my eyes is what an idol’s expertise should be.

And this is where the conflict between me and Naicha lies. Obviously it is not something that happened within one or two days. When I watched his group’s performances during [the survival show] “All For One”, I knew in my heart, that no matter how explosive people think their stages are, those were not the type of stages that I wanted to be a part of. Perhaps he is on a god-like level in terms of professional expertise, but frankly speaking, from the moment All For One began, I didn’t feel that he has been great at choreographing (I am here referring to a boy group choreography, as I’m an idol and I am participating in an idol survival show, I am looking at this from the standard of an idol boy-group stage, in the same way he disregarded my skills).

And so he returned to record the show from the fourth episode onwards. Before his return, our the company asked me whether or not I could accept his return. I said that yes, it is natural for him to return, and that I don’t have the right to refuse. I cannot affect, and I should not affect the company’s final decision anyway. But I did raise my own concerns about what happens after he came back – about the choreography, the composition and arrangement, the survival show. I brought them all up, and the company told me that they will deal with these issues. The reason I am bringing all of this up is because I think this is where all the problems began.

How should I put this – when a leader gets asked a question about centre position in the first interview, he answered directly, “I don’t care about the centre or the c position in the show when I arrange songs. There is no c position in my heart.” It sounded cool, and I also thought that it sounded cool too, but when I went back to the room and reflected on it again, I came onto “We Are Blazing” as a member of BlackACE. I have also told you many times that we do not communicate privately. Moreover, in [the survival show “All For One”] we talked exactly 0 times, and only had some exchanges after debut. If it weren’t for the attitude I hold to my profession and the attitude I hold as the first-place in BlackACE, why would I be here…I don’t mean that a group that will eventually disband cannot have feelings and or cannot be united, but as the members of this group cannot get along with each other or have cohesion as a group, then what’s the point of me, as the first place, of being in the group? Perhaps it is because I am the first place which made these words sound arrogant and harsh, but the creation of this group comes with its rule and it is the reality. It is a fact that our encounters are accompanied by rules. These were the feelings I had on the first day of [Naicha’s] return. When I was on the sideline hearing him finish this topic [about the centre position], I still had to laugh…

Then one day we had to record his reasons for selecting the song and his choice of choreography. There were actually no problems, but at the end, he said: Are there any issues with splitting parts? Now with the cameras and people watching, you should mention any questions that you have out loud. Don’t come privately looking for me later, it annoys me.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? You can say that I am sensitive, but I felt that this sentence was directed at me. If I understand it wrongly, what does a leader of the group mean when he says this in front of a camera? There was also a mention of the dance break being performed by only four people – he felt that the dance break should be done by dancers as too many people may not make the performance necessarily better.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Can I also understand it this way: vocal parts in a song should only be sung by the vocalists, since too many singers may not make the performance necessarily better.

But I didn’t say this, because at that time he just returned and the company and said that it would be solved. So the choreography for episode four remained as how he created it to be. I still stand by my words, that no matter how explosive other people thought it was, it was not the ideal idol stage performance I had in my heart.

Later, during the recording for the fourth and fifth episodes, I talked to someone from the company. I repeated what I said in the beginning – I really did not have any views on his return. Honestly, he was originally a member of BlaceACE and there is nothing I can do about his return, but I beg that you do not paint the narrative of his return as that of a King or Captain Marvel’s return to save the world. I told them that AJ has done a good job. It does not matter if the members have any opinions, I personally think he did a good job. I’ve also told him this before – if you want to be a leader, there are many burdens that you will have to shoulder, but as long as you move forward with a clear conscience and do what is right by you, I will support you always.

Then it was the fifth episode. In the first three episodes, I participated in the arrangement of the song together with AJ. Everyone contributed their own opinions, and I felt that we always took into consideration the limitations of each and every member. However, in the arrangement for the fifth issue? ? ? ? ? ? ? There were only 2 vocal parts for four members to sing. There was a total of 8 counts respectively and it was divided in this manner – Yang Tong and I had two 8 counts. In the second verse, Yang Tong took two 8 counts and Wang Di had two 8 counts. When I saw this, I mentioned that there were too little vocal parts – the rap and dance solos more than four solo 8 counts, it is too unfair to the vocalists. I said that we should change it so that one person should sing four 8-counts and that two people should sing the two halves. I said to give it to Yang Tong and Wang Di (because I knew at the time that in the sixth episode I would get a solo stage – the company explicitly said that I would have to do it, so it is clear that I would have regarded that with more importance). The leader agreed in the group chat and said that he would see how he could modify it. In the end, the version that he gave us had Yang Tang singing four 8-counts and me singing four 8 counts. Wang Di was not given anything, and he explained that Tong Tong got his lines because of ranking, while I got mine because of ability. Naicha thought that if the lines had to be divided between two singers, this would be the best arrangement to go for. I said to him to let them sing and that I can always join in during the dance segment. He said that his choreography could not be changed and that if they were to take my opinions on the vocal parts, this was his final version, and that we should consider this carefully. ……???? fine, I said to let us meet and discuss, let the company representative discuss with the person who arranged this. Then there was no reply from him and in the end he sent me the original version of the song in the middle of the night, with Wang Di’s vocals in the second half that was more distinct in the background.

? ? ? ? ? ? Is this the same conversation he had with me earlier? I told the company that I couldn’t communicate with him. I’ve tried it. I also tried it in the fourth episode. I said that these problems were the same ones that I had at the very beginning and that if something happened, I would be very worried. But at very the beginning, [the company] promised me. I would like to ask the company, what are you doing? The representative who accompanied us to “we Are Blazing” replied, “This is the case with Naicha, it is best that you communicate with him yourself. If the company tells him, he will become more rebellious making it more difficult to communicate. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? So now I have to understand his emotions and communicate in a way that is more suitable way for him? ????.

The final time was during the rehearsals. I have told myself that the sixth episode is important. Let’s just do it this way this episode, I’ll happily rehearse, during thee process I voiced my questions about the tempo of the dance movement (because he only finished it the midnight before, so I understand that it’s hard, and it’s confusing) But asking questions is not wrong right? But ignoring me? I’ve asked for three or four times and yet he continued to ignore me? I admit that I was not mature enough and very angry at that point in time, so I left, and I said to the company staff: you’ve closed one eye on this matter, I can’t accept it now, and I’m not going to discuss with you, I am only telling you all that for the fifth episode I am not going to record it. I will only tell you that until you feel that you have dealt with these issue then we talk, I will apologize to the program team and say that I have quit the program for private reasons.

The reason why I am saying so much is because I don’t have a BlaceACE group chat and I can’t find the chat history. While speaking about these things, I would like to apologize to you once again, and that “We Are Blazing” is a great stage, it is also the stage that I had always hoped for when I first returned to China. It was me who did not cherish it properly. And friends who have supported me and BA, once again, I once again apologize to everyone~

Lastly, I have never exuded so much negative energy on my public account, I will not do it again, thank you everyone.

As of now, there has yet to be any official statement by BlackACE or Naicha regarding Pearain’s statement in response. But it appears that Pearain has explained his account for his failure to record “We Are Blazing” for one of the episodes.

As BlackACE will still continue to stay active as a group until 2021, we hope that this matter can be resolved by all parties, as discord within a boy group would make it hard for not only the members involved but their fans as well.

Do share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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