Bon Bon Girls Drop Their MV for ‘PLMM’

Following the release of multiple MV teasers, Bon Bon Girls have finally dropped the MV for “PLMM”!

Set in the backdrop of a scenic valley, the girls are fairylike as the sing a sweet tune to their single. The lyrics of the song makes it a cheerful jam, as it talks about how love can make every girl feel more beautiful.

Check out their official MV here:



Some of our international readers may be wondering, exactly what does ‘PLMM’ stand for?

In China and particularly amongst Chinese netizens, this term is a popular abbreviation for the term “漂亮妹妹” (pronounced as ‘piào liàng mèi mèi’) which literally translates to ‘pretty (little) sister’ in English. The term got popularized after the debut of many domestic C-pop girl groups, as fans often used used this to describe their beautiful female idols.

The cute song title is indeed an apt description of the girl group itself, don’t you think?

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