Cai Xukun and Angelababy Alleged To Have Embarked On A “Private” Trip Together, WayV’s Lucas Steps Up To Deflect Rumours

Recently, netizens identified that Angelababy and Cai Xukun were in photos from a yacht trip together, causing speculations that the two Keep Running members had embark on the trip privately. Later, WayV‘s Lucas shared a video of himself on the trip, indicating that the situation was a misunderstanding. The yacht trip apparently happened to be a team bonding outing for members of the Keep Running crew.

Netizens Began To Rumor That Angelababy and Cai Xukun Went on A “Private” Outing

In a photo shared by Angelababy’s best friend on Weibo, the female star was seen posing on the yatch with her good friend.  However, while Angelababy was smiling at the camera, eagled-eyed netizens noticed that the reflection in the photo’s the mirror seemed a bit intriguing.


There appeared to be two men in the mirror, one being the yacht captain, and the individual who helped to take the photo.

running man china

At the same time, that on the 29th of May, Cai Xukun had posted a photo of himself watching the sea on a yacht with his Weibo account. What appeared more intriguing was that Cai Xukun’s were the same as that of the who took the selfie in the mirror.

Cai Xukun

Although Angelababy is married to Huang Xiaoming, this did not stop malicious netizens from trying to spread rumors about her and Cai Xukun. Afterwards, WAYV’s Lucas and Angelababy’s best friend who posted the original selfie had to come out to dispel the false rumors.

WAYV’s Lucas Shared A Video Of Himself At The Same Yacht Outing With Angelababy and Cai Xukun

The youngest member of running man helped to dispel rumors by sharing a video of himself doing some water sports while out with the crew.

He even added in the caption that “Angelababy took us to play, but I appeared to be the best at touching the boat with my hands.”

After that, the topic of “Cai Xukun and Angelababy” became a trending topic on the Weibo hot search. Cai Xukun later added a group photo in the comment section of his original selfie.

The posted stated, “sending you an even more handsome photo”

Cai xukun wayv

Many avid fans of the variety show have been aware that the Running Man China team had recorded an episode in Sanya around the end of May. Both and Cai Xukun and Angelababy are members of the Keep Running team. It is not unusual for team members to go on an outing together.

Cai xukun lucas winwin
Cai Xukun and WAYV members, Lucas and Winwin

On that day, Angelababy and Cai Xukun merely took part in some team building activities with fellow team members, Li Chen, WAYV’s WinWin and Lucas who accompanied them. It was not a case of Cai Xukun and Angelababy going out alone. Li Chen also later shared some photos from his yacht trip on Weibo.

Angelababy’s Best Friend Deletes The Selfie After Getting Blasted By Netizens

Afterwards, Angelababy’s best friend expressed in a series of Wechat messages that she did not notice the details in the selfie, hence she shared it on her page. She later promised that in order to protect Angelababy, she will refrain from sharing any updates in future, including photos from outings with her friends.

Afterwards, Angelababy’s staff also shared that they have sent a legal letter to the individual on Douban who started the malicious rumor.

Some have expressed sympathy for Angelababy and Cai Xukun, who were unable to go on a crew retreat without having to fend off such rumours.

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