Cheng Xiao Profile and Facts

Name: Cheng Xiao
Chinese Name: 程潇
Nicknames: XiaoXiao (潇潇), Milk Xiao (奶潇), Shenzhen Sister
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 15th, 1998
Place Of Birth: Shenzhen, China
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 166cm (5′4″)
Weight: 50kg
Occupation: Singer, Actor, Variety Star, Idol Mentor
Agency: Yuehua Entertainment (China), Starship Entertainment (Korea)
Associated Acts: WJSN/Cosmic Girls

– Cheng Xiao was born in Nanshan District, Shenzhen
– Cheng Xiao has a younger sister named Cheng Chen
– Cheng Xiao studied in Shenzhen Arts School and graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoul
– Cheng Xiao studied Chinese Dance for 10 years
– Cheng Xiao is part of Shenzhen Art School’s Dance Group that won 2nd place in one of the most prestigious and competitive dance competitions in China, the Tao Li Cup Dance Competition on 2012
– Cheng Xiao also has several academic and non-academic awards that she received in Shenzhen Arts School, which are Top Overall Exam Scorer for both semesters of the school year 2013-2013, Excellent Class Leader Award, Good Role Model, Excellent Professional Dance Performer, Model of Discipline, Outstanding Student and also received an Award for constantly learning, improving, surpassing oneself
– Cheng Xiao was scouted by Yuehua Entertainment after a dance recital
– Cheng Xiao’s Mom initially didn’t want her to become an idol but Cheng Xiao insisted, her Mom wanted her to go to a University and continue learning Chinese Dance and become a Teacher
– Cheng Xiao went abroad when she was 16 years old to train as an Idol
– Cheng Xiao trained in Starship Entertainment and continued her studies in School of Performing Arts
– Cheng Xiao debuted in South Korea on February 25, 2016 as one of the 3 Chinese girls in the Korean-Chinese Girl Group Cosmic Girls/WJSN
–  Cheng Xiao is the main dancer, sub-vocal, face of the group / visual of WJSN
– Cheng Xiao gained popularity for her visual, extreme flexibility, tumbling skills and aerial flips on stage
– Cheng Xiao is also known for her healthy body
– Cheng Xiao gained more popularity after participating in the Idol Star Athletic Championships (ISAC) on 2016 in which she stunned everyone with her incredible rhythmic gymnastics performance and won gold
– Cheng Xiao was the Dance Mentor of IQIYI’s Male Idol Survival Show “Idol Producer” in 2018
– Cheng Xiao without experience started to venture into acting in 2018 when she auditioned for the drama Legend of Awakening and got the role of Qin Sang
– Cheng Xiao was praised for her beauty, martial arts skills and hard work by her drama castmate Chen Feiyu, the Directors, Producer and Writer
– Cheng Xiao debuted as an actress on January 15, 2020 with the drama Detective Chinatown
– Cheng Xiao’s drama Legend of Awakening which premiered on April 23, 2020 was also a success, as the drama recorded over 1 billion views on MangoTV and was the top online drama while it was airing
– Cheng Xiao is known to be very low-key, brave, adventurous and bold
– Cheng Xiao sky-dived and swam with sharks in Tahiti
– Cheng Xiao has 2 cats named Cheng Susu and Cheng Jinjin
– Cheng Xiao also has a central-bearded dragon lizard named King Gigi
– Cheng Xiao said she wants to open a cat shop in the future, she also wants to become a CEO
– Cheng Xiao was the Dance Mentor of Youku’s Male Idol Survival Show “We Are Young”
– Cheng Xiao said she wants to play as a cool villain in a drama, she also want to try school dramas and social issue dramas
– Cheng Xiao wants to be an all-around artist

Cheng Xiao’s Official Social Media Accounts
Weibo: @程潇
Instagram: @chengxiao_0715

Cheng Xiao’s Personal Blog
Weibo: @程潇已上线


Detective Chinatown / 唐人街探案 | 2020 (Lu Jingjing)
Legend of Awakening / 天醒之路 | 2020 (Qin Sang)
Spirit Realm / 灵域 | 2020 (Ling Yushi)
Falling Into Your Smile / 你微笑时很美 | 2021 (Tong Yao)

                                Qing Qing My Love / 卿卿我心 | 2021 (Lu QingQing)

Detective Chinatown 3 / 唐人街探案 3 | 2020 (Lu Jingjing)

TV Shows
Day Day Up / 天天向上 | 2020 (Guest)
My Happy Life / 哎呀好身材2 | 2020
We Are Young / 少年之名 | 2020
Keep Running / 奔跑吧 | 2020 (Guest)
Happy Camp / 快乐大本营 | 2020 (Guest)
Ultimate Master Season 2 / 终极高手2 | 2020
My Better Me / 变身总动员 | 2019 (Guest)
Building Your Life / #头号型动派 | 2019 (Guest)
Let’s Fall In Love / 我们恋爱吧 | 2019
One More Try / 极限青春 | 2019
Wild Kitchen / 野生厨房 | 2019 (Guest)
The Inn Season 2 / 亲爱的·客栈 | 2018 (Guest)
Day Day Up / 天天向上 | 2018 (Guest)
Happy Camp / 快乐大本营 | 2018 (Guest)
Star Gym / 明星健身房 | 2018 (Guest)
Happy Camp / 快乐大本营 | 2018 (Guest)
Day Day Up / 天天向上 | 2018 (Guest)
Hi! Sing! / 嗨!唱起来 | 2018 (Guest)
Day Day Up / 天天向上 | 2018 (Guest)
Pajama Friends / 파자마 프렌즈 | 2018
Brave World / 勇敢的世界 | 2018
Perfect Vacation / 闺蜜的完美旅行 | 2018
Idol Producer / 偶像练习生 | 2018
The Swan Club / 추석특집 발레교습소 백조클럽 | 2017
Law of the Jungle / 정글의 법칙 | 2017

I Don’t Believe You / 别轻易相信 – Detective Chinatown OST | 2020
If Love / 若情 – Xuanyuan Sword OST | 2018
The Shadow of the Shark (with Wang Yibo) – Promotional Song of The Meg | 2018

Awards and Nomination
TCCAsia Top #14 Most Beautiful Face in Asia | 2019
Sina Fashion Awards’ Popular Idol of the Year | 2019
Cosmo Beauty Ceremony’s Annual Youthful Beautiful Idol | 2018
17th Top Chinese Music Awards’ New Force Idol | 2017

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