Chuang 2020 trainee Xu Yiyang Pens A Long Post Thanking Fans For Their Support

On 4th July, the survival show “Chuang 2020” aired its finale episode where the trainees this season competed against each other for the top seven positions.

Unfortunately, Xu Yiyang who was a crowd favourite failed make it into the debut line-up as she narrowly missed out on the top seven positions by just one spot.

Despite failing to make it for the line-up, the Xu Yiyang remains appreciative of her fans and those who have helped her in her journey.

In a long letter of appreciation on Weibo, Xu Yiyang assures fans that she will continue her journey forward as always.

Xu Yiyang who was previously with “SM Rookies” had narrowly missed out on her chance to debut by 1 spot.

Read her full statement below:

✨Hello everyone, I’m your twinkle twinkle Xu Yiyang~ I’m back here!

First of all, here I want to thank everyone, thank my company, L.TAO Entertainment, for their continuous support and protection, thank my family and friends for their encouragement and help, and all the staff of the program team and and mentors for their contributions. Without you all, I would not be the me you see today on stage. Thank you, Mentor Huang, Mentor Mao, Mentor Song, and our Qin Hailu jie jie for her supervision and care. Finally thank you to my most, most, most important fans! Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me.

I know you have worked hard and it has not been easy for you. I want to tell you here that you have  worked hard and that you are great and we have done amazing things together! Thank you for accompanying me through this unforgettable journey that is Chuang 2020.

???? In fact, right now, I still have something that I want to say to everyone. I once said that my original intention was to be a part of a girl group and that this has always been a dream of mine. This dream has set root, sprouted and bloomed in my heart for almost eight years though at the end of the day, it did not see fruition.

But I want to say that now, I have no regrets. I have given my all before, and have also worked hard before. I’ve have experienced and learnt so much from the stage shared between me and my team mates. I’ve gotten your cheers and applause. Even if it is just one person who remembers that Xu Yiyang who once shone on the stage, that to me, is enough.

All along, I have always felt that I was a very lucky person, but when it came to becoming a member of a girl group, I have always been little less lucky. I always feel like I’ve always came so close to it and missed it by a narrow margin. But it doesn’t matter anymore because I’m no longer the me that I was before. In the past, I felt that apart from being in a girl group, there was nothing else that I could possibly do. I always felt that I needed the protection a girl group offered as it gave me a sense of security.

But now it is no longer the same anymore. Now that I have you, I believe in you, I believe in my company, and I also believe myself. I believe that Xu Yiyang can not only be a part of a girl group, but that she can also continue her journey alone just fine.

Finally, I just want to say that I am not walking on my knees, we’re already standing up. In the future, I will continue to stand and walk down this scenic path! Will you all be willing to accompany me? ❤️❤️❤️

Mentor Huang Zitao also wrote a post shortly afterwards, encouraging the artiste from his management company and telling her not to give up.

We wish Xu Yiyang all the best in her future journey ahead!

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