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Chuang 2020 trainees Liu Xie Ning and Jiang Zhen Yu Share A Touching Friendship!

On 9th June 2020, eagled-eye netizens spotted Chuang 2020 Trainee Liu Xie Ning, otherwise known as Gugudan’s Sally, entering the show’s film vicinity with a pair of train tickets attached to her uniform.

An extra pair of train ticket can be seen strapped to Liu Xie Ning’s uniform

Netizens later realized that the one of train tickets belonged to Jiang Zhenyu, who shares a close friendship with Liu Xie Ning. Unfortunately, the former was injured during her dance practice was unable to make it for the show’s recent recording session. Yet, Liu Xie Ning did not forget her friend and even kept Jiang Zhen Yu’s train ticket to their base camp strapped onto her uniform, waiting for her friend’s return.

Netizens were touched by Lie Xie Ning’s unwavering loyalty to her friend online. Many even commented  that they will do all they can to vote for these two to qualify as top seven.

Despite being in a competitive environment, the two trainees were still able to forge such a strong and pure friendship!

We hope for Jiang Zhenyu to get well soon, so that she can continue to join Liu Xie Ning her journey with Chuang 2020!

Jiang Zhenyu and Liu Xiening hanging out before Jiang Zhenyu’s injury

What do you think about their friendship? Share your comments with us below!

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