Chuang 2021 Announce Ning Jing As One of The “Founding Representatives” For The Show

Just this afternoon, the official Weibo account of Chuang 2021 (Produce Camp 2021) shared a new poster, announcing Ning Jing as one of the “Founding Representative(s)” (创始人代表) for the show.

Such a the title is seemingly equivalent to that of a “Mentor” for the show, as Baidu has classified the star as a “main guest” similar to the positions held by Luhan, Huang Zitao, Victoria Song and Mao Buyi who were the show’s mentors last season.

Ning Jing Is A Founding Representative For Chuang 2021
Ning Jing Is Founding Representative For Chuang 2021

Ning Jing graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy and pursued acting in her early career. Her acting accolades include having been awarded the Best Actress title at both the 19th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award in 1999 and also at the the 42nd San Sebastian International Film Festival in 1994.

In 2020, she rose to popularity once more after emerging as the top ranked star in the survival show, “Sisters Who Make Waves.” She then debuted in the girl group, “X-SISTER” whose members include the top 7 ranked stars from the show. Though the girl group was short-lived after its disbandment earlier this month (only after 4 months from its debut), Ning Jing remains a formidable force on her own.

Ning Jing Chuang 2021 Mentor
Ning Jing Chuang 2021’s Founding Representative

Following the announcement by Chuang 2021, Ning Jing chimed in and shared her thoughts on Weibo:

“You thought it was the Ning Jing (‘calm’) before the storm*, but it’s actually [this] jie jie who is happily chasing her idols while disco dancing. Step onto this island, you and me will be happy.”

*Ning Jing is using a pun on her name, which also means “calm” in Chinese.

Ning Jing joins Deng Chao who is among the list of main guests on the show. Deng Chao was previously announced as the “promoter” of Chuang 2021. He will also be taking part in leading the trainees to compete for a debut position in the upcoming international boy group.

Check out the male trainees who will be taking part in Chuang 2021 here.

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