“CHUANG 2021” Release Pre-Debut Final Rankings

Right before the “CHUANG 2021” finale night, the programme released its latest trainee rankings.

In a surprising twist, there appeared to be some significant changes made to the Top 11 places. Patrick was cast out of the original debut position, and Nine outranked his Thai-counterpart at the 7th place.

Lelush’s fanclub also seemed to keep to their promise to refrain from voting for him, thus causing him to drop from previously 10th place to the 18th place. The final will be held three days later, who can successfully debut?

CHUANG 2021 Pre Debut Rankings
CHUANG 2021 Pre Debut Rankings

Liu Yu takes the podium once more, and he has been consistently ranking top amongst the Chinese trainee, followed by Rikimaru, Santa, Mika and others.

It appears that the top ranked trainees in the group are quite certain by now, as some trainees have been consistently ranking in the debut position for more than 3 times in a row.

Liu Yu and Rikimaru are trainees who have been particularly consistent and outstanding so there is little suspense on who would ultimately take up the C position.

For someone who is as consistent as Patrick, it may be surprising that his rank has fallen since the previous episode. He now falls outside of the group debut position (top 11). One can only wonder if the Thai member for the international boy group would be a contest between him and Nine.

On the other hand, Oscar has returned to take the 11th place, signalling that there would likely be a tough battle in the finals for the 9th to 11th spots.

Lelush at Chuang 2021
Now that Lelush has fallen out of the debut position, he must indeed be feeling happier.
The current rankings of the trainees are as follows:
  1. Liu Yu
  2. Rikimaru
  3. Mika
  4. Santa
  5. Bo Yuan
  6. Lin Mo
  7. Nine
  8. Caelan
  9. Zhou Keyu
  10. Zhang Jiayuan
  11. Oscar
  12. AK Liu Zhang
  13. Patrick
  14. Hiroto
  15. Gan Wang Xing
  16. Zhang Xingte
  17. Ren Yinpeng
  18. Lelush
  19. Wu Yuheng
  20. Yu Gengyin
  21. Zhang Xinyao
  22. Fu Sichao
  23. Hu Yetao
  24. Amu
  25. Xue Bayi

The relatively popular trainees including AK, Jixiang, Gan Wangxing, and Zhang Xingte were all not ranked within the top 11 places. The competition for the last few places seem to be fiercer than imagined. It is not yet known who will make it for certain up till the very end!

For now, the final rankings resuffle for “CHUANG 2021” will commerce soon. Whether there is any insider story or whether there is an unexpected twist will soon be revealed!

Let us wait and see while also anticipating the outcomes!

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