Curley Gao Drops Her New EP, “Amoxicillin”

Curley Gao (Xilinnayi) has dropped her solo EP titled “Amoxicillin” today. The Bon Bon Girls center has released EP containing two songs, including the title song and a second song, “Mirror.”

curley gao
Curley Gao releases her first solo EP

She announced the release of her new song on Weibo as follows:

I am Xilin,
I hope that this EP can bring everyone warmth and strength to heal. Undo the packaging, and all the problems will be okay.

You can show your support by streaming her songs on QQ Music, Kugou, or Kuwo Music.

Album Introduction

curley gao amoxicillin

Amoxicillin is one of the most commonly used antibiotics with strong bacterial effects. It also has a strong ability to penetrate the cell membranes. We will use it to cure some physiological symptoms. Similarly, for those of us who live in the city, we also need to give our hearts a pill. An amoxicillin of its own. Shuttle in the pressure and hesitation, feel the struggle and paranoia. Not only not to be defeated by reality, to find softness and release.

When you enter the Secret Forest of your heart, you will tear open the package and find that the antidote is always yourself.


I’m Xilin.

Amoxicillin: Song Overview

From the role of a city tramp, stand in the perspective of onlookers to see the world.

The push and shove of life, the absurd lies, the struggling love and the paranoid persistence are all self torments of indulging in the only the final result. The urban homeless are sick. We may need an antidote to paralyze the high tension. The nerves, the release the of an over-stressed, and the focus on repairing ourselves.

Encourage young people who have no chance, are looking for a certain direction:

One amoxicillin is OK, all tangles will be OK, tear open the package, the antidote is always yourself.

Mirror: Song Overview

This is Curley Gao’s first original song, through the fusion of contemporary pop and trap elements and the infectious medium speed beat on the dreamy and fuzzy guitar, puts the thinking and emotion into an inner forest. It brings in the soft senses and desire to place a story you would like, expressed into a song. Listens to your wishes, find and face your true self through a mirror. It presents a gentle and powerful healing song that only belongs to the style of Curley Gao.

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