Daily Cpop Year End Voting Awards 2020

The Daily Cpop Awards 2020 is here!

Cpop fans all around the world are welcomed to vote for their favourite Chinese idols across 11 categories for the inaugural fan awards only for Cpop fans! The first ever C-pop fan voting awards begins on the 29th December 2020 and ends on 25th January 2021 (12AM Beijing Standard Time).

Once the winners are chosen (based on the vote counts) our editorial team will be compiling a list of Daily Cpop Award winning celebrities to recognise their popularity among international fans. The voting results will purely be determined by the votes of the Cpop fans don’t forget to get started.

What are you waiting for? Begin voting now to support your favourite idol!

1. Best Rising Actor

[socialpoll id=”2711658″]

2. Best Rising Actress

[socialpoll id=”2711702″]

3. Best Rookie Cpop Group

[socialpoll id=”2711785″]

4. Most Influential Cpop Girl Group of 2020

[socialpoll id=”2711808″]

5. Most Influential Cpop Boy Band of 2020

[socialpoll id=”2710686″]

6. Most Influential Cpop Singer (Male)

[socialpoll id=”2711766″]

7. Most Influential Cpop Singer (Female)

[socialpoll id=”2711764″]

8. Best Actor

[socialpoll id=”2711756″]

9. Best Actress

[socialpoll id=”2711753″]

10. Cpop Album of the Year 2020 (Soloist)

[socialpoll id=”2709806″]

11. Cpop Album/EPs of the Year (Group)

[socialpoll id=”2711751″]

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  1. Everyone don’t forget votw winwin in idol champ semi final-jack forest. Semifinals 6 january and finals 7-9 january!!!!

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