Deng Lun Hints That He May Be Taking On A New Acting Role

On June 3, Deng Lun revealed that he may be concentrating his efforts on filming soon during a livestream broadcast.

He said: “Recently, I have finished filming for the unrecorded episodes [of the variety shows]. I am currently looking through a drama script and may also start filming soon.”

Deng Lun
Deng Lun

Fans happily commented: “So happy! So happy! So happy! Deng Lun is about to join a [casting] group” and “Woohoo, Lun Lun is finally going to film!”

For context, it has been a while since Deng Lun has starred in a lead role for a breakthrough drama. The last breakthrough drama he had been a part of was “Ashes of Love.” Many have been upset that the promising actor decided to spend more time taking part in variety shows as the resident host instead of concentrating seriously on his acting works. With the influx of talents and new actors these days, many worry that he may find it more and more difficult to cast for a lead role in a decent drama.

For most of 2020, Deng Lun has maintained his popularity through his regular host positions in “The Great Escape”, “Dunk of China” and “Go Fighting!.” He did not take part in any big dramas last year, though he did play the main role in the movie, “The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity.”

It is understandable that upon hearing such news, his fans are relieved that he is finally going back to concentrate his efforts on acting.

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