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Director Of The Untamed, Chen Jia Lin, Seemingly Speaks Up For Xiao Zhan Praising His Professionalism

In a long Weibo post written this morning, Chen Jia Lin, who is one of the Directors of the mega hit drama, The Untamed, penned a long message in support of “an actor” who he worked with while filming for a drama two years ago. Many believed that he was referring to Xiao Zhan.

The Untamed

In the post, he attached a photo of a donkey, most notably recognised as “Little Apple” from The Untamed.

Chen Jia Lin shared a picture of “Little Apple” in his post that praised Xiao Zhan.

Seemingly in defence, Chen Jia Lin praised “an actor” in The Untamed’s dedication for his role in a long Weibo post today. Though the post did not explicitly mention any name,  he gave numerous examples of how the actor persevered despite the difficult circumstances surrounding the filming. He also took a seeming hit at critics, asking them “I filmed with him for more than four months, from morning to night, from night to morning, how about you? Do you know him better than me? Do even you know him? Have you met him? Please be a human!”

Xiao Zhan won the Golden Broom Award for the “Most Disappointing Male Lead”

Netizens believe that the director’s post was in response to Xiao Zhan’s recent Golden Broom Award for the “Most Disappointing Male Lead” in the movie, ‘Jade Dynasty I’ recently.

According to The Global Times, “[The Golden Broom Award] was founded by Chinese film critic Cheng Qingsong in 2009, the award is organized by Chinese film journal Youth Film Handbook. Claiming that the Golden Broom’s goal is to “sweep away bad Chinese films,” the organizers select each year’s “winners” through three rounds of voting.

Further information from The Global Times also explained the process behind the nominations for this award, “The first round is led by the journal’s editors to produce a list of candidates, the second sees netizens vote on this list, after which a

group of professional film critics determine who gets the awards.A number of Chinese netizens have expressed their concerns about the fairness of the awards since the initial candidate list is handpicked by the journal’s editors instead of public vote.”

That said, Chen Jia Lin’s full statement who netizens believe is about Xiao Zhan is as follows:

 Chen Jia Lin explains the dedication of “an actor” from The Untamed:

Two years ago, I filmed a show and met a group of hard-working newcomers, including a particularly hard-working actor. He was very polite and humble. He would greet everyone every day when he started work, and every day when he was finished he would take initiative to tell the staff said that everyone had worked hard. The summer of Heng Dian was very hot that year. I remember one day they filmed the scene of punishment for picking manure by the teaching director. Later they had to hang themselves with a wire and suspend themselves in the mid-air.

There was no cloud in the sky that day, the sun felt like it could melt a person. I think he felt a little heatstroke. I immediately asked him how are you doing? He replied that I was assured that there was no problem and I could continue to shoot. Another time we took seven consecutive nights of scenes in the rain. It was raining and the cars that ferried the artificial rain poured ten cars and another ten cars of rain. His eyes were often bloodshot because of long hours of work. In addition to those big nights, his eyes were inflamed by the artificial rain again, but he still finished his shooting with dedication. Another time, he chapped his lips because he was shooting an action scene. After going to the hospital to treat the wound, he continued to switch and film the night scene.

There are too many examples. As an actor, he is worthy of the profession of actor. As a singer, he is worthy of the profession of singer. I filmed with him for more than four months, from morning to night, from night to morning, how about you? Do you know him better than me? Do even you know him? Have you met him? Please be a human!

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