Duan Aojuan’s Profile and Facts

Name: Duan Aojuan
Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 段奥娟
English Name: Clare
Nicknames: Dajuan 大娟, Juanjuan 娟娟, Boss Duan 段总, Arya (from GoT)
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 28, 2000
Place Of Birth: Sichuan, Chengdu
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 163 cm
Weight: ~44 kg
Occupation: Chinese Idol, Singer
Agency: Duan Aojuan Studio
Associated Acts: Rocket Girls 101

Official Social Media Accounts  (You may hyperlink the accounts Ctrl + K)
Weibo: 段奥娟_CLARE
Studio Weibo: 段奥娟工作室_OFFICIAL
Spotify: 段奥娟火箭少女101段奥娟
Youtube: Clare Duan
Instagram: lady_daj1228
Oasis: 段奥娟
Douyin: Main account (ID #: 19523829), side account (ID #: 112562540)
QQ: 段奥娟

Fandom Facts
Name of fandom/fans: Egg rolls 蛋卷
Meaning of fandom name: It sounds similar to her name (Egg rolls = dàn juǎn (er), similar to Duan (Ao)juan)
Official fandom color:  #8CC269 Mesona Green
Weibo Official Fanclub account: Duan Aojuan Global Fan Club
Official Fan Club Youtube: Duan Aojuan Global Fans Club
Active Fansites: 小叹号_, 段奥娟Ultras拔旗小分队, SWEETHEART | 段奥娟, Step_段奥娟资源博

 Aojuan Facts

  • Before entering Produce 101 China, Aojuan became internet famous on Douyin with her viral cover of Faded by Alan Walker, which amassed nearly 300 million views
  • Daj has a younger sister
  • She grew up with her grandfather, who passed away in April 2021
  • Daj loves hotpot and spicy food
  • On December 28, 2020 (her birthday), she made her solo debut with the album ‘Half-Cooked Secret’, with ‘Half-Cooked Expectation’ as the title track
  • She has been learning composition and composed the song ‘Full’ on her debut EP and as well as other short songs
  • Before she wanted to be a singer, she dreamed of being an actress
  • If she weren’t chasing her singing dreams, she would want to open a coffee shop and raise a few cats and dogs
  • She made her musical debut through ‘Next to Normal’ as Natalie, daughter of Diana in the first half of 2021
  • Daj has recorded over 30 OSTs since 2018
  • She has a dog named Pipi and two cats that she brought home from the streets around her home
  • Her idol is Katy Perry and she also likes Taylor Swift, One Direction, etc

Half-Cooked Secret (Album) | 2020
Dangerous Girl ft. Nineone | 2020
That’s Right 18 | 2019
OST Masterlist here
Personal Compositions here

TV Drama/Movie appearances
The Silence of the Monster | 2021 (Cameo, unreleased)
My Tyrano: Together Forever  | 2019 (Main, voice dubbing)

Music Show Appearances
Super Hit – ‘Half-Cooked Expectation’ | 2021
The Treasured Voice | 2020
The Chart – ‘Slower Times in the Past’  | 2019
Rave Now – ‘Monkey Says’ ft. Lai Meiyun, Qi Yitong, Dong Zilong | 2019
Rave Now  – ‘Faded’ with Alan Walker ft. Meng Meiqi & Yamy | 2018
The Coming One S2 –  EP8 | 2018

Variety Show Appearances 
Keep RunningS4E11 | 2020
KPL Magic Reform Academy | 2019
Me and My Country | 2019
Day Day Up (with Meng Meiqi, Yamy, Xu Mengjie) | 2019
Touring Beijing (with Yamy, Lai Meiyun) | 2019
Day Day Up | 2019
A Very Quiet Distance (with Yang Chaoyue, Lai Meiyun) | 2019
Produce Camp 2019 Vocal Guest Mentor – EP5 | 2019

Music Performances
Jiangsu TV Lantern Festival – ’Half-Cooked Expectation’ | 2021
Jiangsu TV Spring Festival – ‘You’re Chic and I’m Beautiful’ | 2021
CCTV Spring Festival Web Gala – ‘Grow Up With Me’ | 2021
National Opera Festival – OST Medley ft. Jeffrey | 2021
Tencent Starlight Awards 2020 – ‘A Little Happiness’ + ‘Cow Milk’ | 2020
Birthday Concert – Solo album tracks + ‘Grow Up With Me’ | 2020
Goose Dimension Concert – ‘When the Snow Starts’ | 2020
Figaro Beauty Star Awards 2020 – ‘Love is for you’ | 2020
China Mobile 20th Anniversary Gala – ‘Light Chaser’ | 2020
Jingdong 11.11 Super Night – ‘Stomach’ | 2020
ELLE Style Awards 2020 – ‘Dangerous Girl’  ft. Nineone | 2020
Jiangsu TV 99 Night – ‘Wrecking Ball’, ‘Into the Sea’ ft. Mao Buyi | 2020
Watson HWB Awards Show – ‘Grow Up With Me’ | 2020
Mini Personal Concert – ‘Love Story’ + ‘Fireworks‘ | 2019

Aojuan’s Latest MV
Half-Cooked Expectation

More MV > Mystery

Awards and Nominations
Influential Artist Douyin Star Night | 2021
LifeStyle Style Gala Breakthrough Singer of the Year | 2021
Figaro Beauty Star Rhythmic Music Award | 2020
Global Chinese Music Chart for ‘Never Cry’ | 2020
Watson HWB Shining Star of the Year | 2020


COSMO | 2020
KNIGHT | 2020
YOHO | 2020
TrendsHealth | 2020
Birthday | 2019
LOfficiel | 2019
MODEMagazine | 2019
Music ELE | 2019
i-MAG | 2019
JSTYLE | 2019
STARBOX | 2019

Browse through here

Watsons HWB Brand Ambassador | 2020
M&G Stationery Ambassador | 2020

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