Eric Chou Gets Back Together With Former News Anchor Girlfriend, Dacie Chao

According to Taiwanese media reports, Eric Chou and former news anchor girlfriend Dacie Chao were embracing each other on the street.

When they were photographed, their respective agents responded: “Thank you for your concern.”

Eric Chou and former news anchor girlfriend, Dacie Chao announced their break up last year.

Oon June 2, according to Taiwanese media reports, Eric Chou (Zhou Xingzhe) and his former anchor girlfriend Dacie Chao, who is 6 years older than him, have been in a stable relationship for more than 2 years. However, they unexpectedly they broke up in October last year. It is reported that the two have no consensus on the marriage. After about more than half a year, the two were not only witnessed embracing on the streets, but they also walked home together. Many viewed this as indicative that the two patched up and got back together.

According to a report in Mirror Weekly, Eric Chou was witnessed a few days ago wearing home clothes with Dacie Chao and taking his pet dog Chopin out for a walk. The two chatted and laughed along the road and were very happy. Unexpectedly, when Eric Chou saw no one around the parking lot of his home, he agreed to embrace Dacie Chao on the street, although it was a brief hug, no one could stop the strong love.

After the walk, the two returned to the home together, acting like an old couple.

Eric Chou and Dacie Chao Relationship History

It was reported that Eric Chou and Dacie Chao had broken up last year. Their instagram accounts originally followed each other, but netizens discovered that although Dacie Chao had unfollowed Ehim, she still followed his pet dog Chopin’s instagram, presumably foreshadowing their emotional state.

Last year, during the “Superstar Christmas Concert” in Christmas City, the two were on the same stage for the first time after breaking up. In that regard, Dacie Chao said: “The past is over, everyone is happy.”

When asked if there was a chance for the two to get back together, she replied that everything would be up to fate, and embraced Eric Chou generously on stage. The host Huang Zijiao praised her as being “the model ex girlfriend.”

Regarding the two’s affectionate behaviour in the public, Eric Chou’s agent responded: “They are very happy now, thank you for your concern, and hope that the outside world will give them more space.” Dacie Chao said through her agent: “I am very happy now, thank you for your concern.”

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