“Falling Into Your Smile” Production Crew and Yuehua Entertainment Reacts To Criticisms From Netizens

This year, the TV drama”Falling Into Your Smile” starring Cheng Xiao and Xu Kai has been one of the most highly publicized among the upcoming E-sports dramas.

Falling Into Your Smile Drama Poster
Falling Into Your Smile Drama Poster

However, as soon as the show aired, many fans from the e-sports fandom voiced their displeasure and anger at the way the characters have been portrayed at the drama. They accused some of the drama’s plot line as being “insulting” towards the e-sports culture.

As of the writing, the Douban score only stands at 2.9/10, which is rather dismal considering the production budget and strong casting. Unfortunately, displeasure at the drama’s plotline also meant that the two protagonists, Cheng Xiao and Xu Kai, naturally could not escape the censure from the e-sports fans.

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Yuehua Entertainment Denounces Acts Of Defamation Against Cheng Xiao

Following the broadcast of “Falling Into Your Smile, Cheng Xiao and her fan base have also been attacked by anti-fans.

In this regard, Yuehua Entertainment has issued a statement on the 11th July to denounce the actions of the anti-fans. In the statement, Yuehua pointed out that the netizens have engaged in malicious speech and confrontation aimed at damaging the reputation of their artist, Cheng Xiao. The company reiterated that they would not hesitate to seek legal recourse against netizens who continue to infringe upon the rights of the actress.

At the same time, Yuehua Entertainment has also urged netizens not to be too deeply affected by the drama, and to remember to be respectful when critiquing the the show.

Falling Into Your Smile Production Crew Issues A Statement

In addition, the official drama promotion page of “Falling Into Your Smile” also issued a similar statement addressing the negative reception surrounding the drama. “

falling into your smile official statement
falling into your smile official statement

The production page wrote:

Ever since the web series “Falling Into Your Smile” was broadcasted, it has attracted the attention of friends from all walks of life. We are grateful and also simultaneously in panic. In our view, respect is an ‘attitude’ and success or failure is an ‘ability.’ In terms of objective ability, we are indeed weak, and there are many things that we did not do well; but on a subjective basis, the original intent of [our crew when we created this drama] was to let as many people as possible from various circles [of life] get exposure and understanding about the world of e-sports, and its importance to the younger generation. For the younger generation, E-sports is not just their passion, but also an occupation, an ideal or even a belief. We have never wanted to “disrespect” any fandom or [any] individual through the drama’s plotline.

We are well aware that there is still a big gap between our drama series and the expectations of the audience. Therefore, today we are using our official account to post this message as we hope to express our attitude [about this situation] towards our audience.

Starting today, the official WeChat account will be open for discussion and it will accept and support all the opinions and suggestions of the fans and friends. If you have any opinions or suggestions on the portrayal of the professional aspects of e-sports, you can directly comment on this Weibo [account]. We will try our best to respond to all relevant comments and suggestions.

Finally, we call upon everyone to follow the drama rationally and to discuss it in a reasonable manner. We also ask for everyone to refrain from insulting or personally attacking any individual. We are willing to face the issues and eliminate anything that impedes from bringing you better works in the future.

Post by Falling Into Your Smile’s Official Weibo Page

Judging from this statement, it seems to respond to netizens who have been involved in extreme behaviors and have taken part in verbal attacks against the cast members. Such a way of addressing the situation is understandable, as the Internet is not a place outside the law, and all kinds of freedom of speech are not without restrictions. Obviously, some netizens have gone overboard with their negative comments to the extent that they became personal attacks

We hope that viewers can continue to maintain a level of respect for the drama and the drama cast members since they have given their very best to bring the production to life.

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  1. I am a 70 year old American grandmother who absolutely loved this movie! I don’t care what anyone says or how it was rated it gets too ratings as far as I’m concerned! Thank goodness for subtitles! Falling Into Your Smile is one of the Best movies I’ve seen in a long time!

  2. I hope there is season two and the cast will remain, I feel sorry for the entertainment and actors for being bashed although it is a very nice drama I am badly sad if there is no season two.. if I will rate it it’s 1000/10, I love falling in to your smile..

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