Gan Wangxing Profile and Facts

Gan Wangxing (甘望星) is a Chinese idol born on the 17th July 2000. He is born in Zhu Zhou in the Hunan Province, China. He is well known for participating in the Tencent Survival Show, Chuang 2021.

Gan Wang Xing (Chuang 2021) Profile and Facts
Gan Wang Xing (Chuang 2021) Profile and Facts

Name: Gan Wangxing
Chinese Name: 甘望星
Birthday: 17th July 2000
Place Of Birth: Zhuzhou, Hunan, China
Nationality: Chinese
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Height: 183cm (6″0)
Weight: 60kg
Star: Sign: Cancer
Weibo: @创造营2021-甘望星
Agency: Yuxiao Media
Education: Central South University of Forestry (中南林业科技大学)

Gan Wang Xing (Chuang 2021) Profile and Facts
Gan Wang Xing (Chuang 2021) Profile and Facts


  • He comes from a less developed part of China
  • It is not known if he has siblings as part of his family
  • In University, he took up the Economics Management major
  • He loves doing sports in general
  • He is a qualified national athlete
  • His fandom name is literally translated to mean “Telescope” which originates from Wang Yuan Jing
  • Favourite Food: All kinds of spicy food.
  • Hobbies: Playing basketball, doing sports, exercising and running.
  • He first shot to fame as an internet celebrity as the general public found him extremely good looking.
  • People started to notice him as he played the role of a ghost while he worked for a haunted mansion at an amusement park.
  • As more and more people started to visit the haunted house of the theme park, he attained the title of “The Most Handsome Ghost” in the mansion.
  • Some girls visited the haunted house just to catch sight of him.
  • Gan Wangxing is described to be “casually handsome” in real life
  • He has a good sense of camera angels, and is full of vigor when performing for the camera
  • He is good friends with Russian trainee Lelush who admires his handsomeness.


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