Gao Qiuzi Drops The Dance MV For Her New Single, “LOVE CODE”

NSMG SPOTLIGHT Vol.2 is out and the star of it is none other than Gao Qiuzi! Gao has released a short dance/choreography version of “LOVE CODE”.

Have you ever had a crush on somebody? If you have, you must be all too aware of that phase where your mind is constantly riddled with thoughts of them. You meticulously plan out how your next encounter would go and then when you finally meet up….you forget it all?

Gao Qiuzi
Gao Qiuzi Performs “LOVE CODE”

If you’ve gone through this, we’re here to tell you that you are not alone! Gao Qiuzi has pretty much covered these sentiments in her song ‘LOVE CODE’, an uptempo composition that will leave you tapping your feet while hilariously recalling how it felt when you were enamored by someone!

Gao Qiuzi
Gao Qiuzi’s new music brings us back to our younger days

Gao sings about accidentally falling into a whirlpool of love, but thanks to this song, we may have accidentally fallen for her vocals and adorable energy emitting aura. But we are not complaining, in fact, we wouldn’t necessarily mind falling even further down in a Gao Qiuzi spiral!

About the artist:

Gao Qiuzi was a contestant on Produce 101, making it to the finale and finishing in #16. Since then, she has participated in various variety shows, most notably ‘Hi!Housemate’. She’s starred in drama series, such as ‘The Love Equations’ (leads Gong Jun & Liu Renyu) where she played the role of Tao Ling, the female lead’s friend/roommate. Qiuzi also lent her voice for ‘Woodland’, the character song for Wen Qing in The Untamed OST.

Here is the NSMG SPOTLIGHT playlist:

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