Heart Signal 4 (2021)

Heart Signal 4 (2021) is a Chinese Variety Show. The show aired its first episode on 16 June 2021 and its cast members include Du Hai Tao, Angelababy, Guo Qi Lin. 

Heart Signal 4 variety show
Heart Signal 4 variety show

The variety show is expected to be 11 episodes long. From June 23, 2021, Tencent Video will update the upper and lower episodes every Wednesday and Thursday at 20 o’clock

Program Details

TV Show: Heart Signal 4 (2021)
Other names: Xin Dong De Xin Hao 4 (心动的信号4), Heart Signal 4
Network: Tencent Video
Main Stars: Du Hai Tao, Angelababy, Guo Qi Lin
Genres: Show
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 16 June 2021
Season: 4
Aired: 16 June 2021-25 August 2021
Aired On: Wednesday

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Program Production

The variety show continues the simple model of the primary to third seasons. The variety show revolves around 6 young males and females to live inside the “Signal Cabin” in Shenzhen, China. The cast reside together under an equal roof.

The heartbeat detective crew lead by Du Haitao, Angelababy, Guo Qilin, Ma Boqian, Song Zuer, and Li Xueqin watches from the studio. They witness and try to capture the signals that appear between the potential couples forming in the show.

The show breaks the established rules of the first three seasons, creating more freshness and surprises. Break the traditional casting matching, create an imbalance of proportions, and add more surprises. Set up dating rules of “can be rejected” and “may be ordered” to inspire the ultimate expression of more personalities. The preparation and reaction of the plump amateur guests before the date will open up more reality show space based on the content of the first three seasons.

Program features

The fourth season of “Signs of Heart” takes Shenzhen love stories as experimental samples, focuses on the various forms of love among current youth, and creates a social illustration book for contemporary youth in love. The program restores contemporary people’s sense of urban reality, discusses the reality of love and bread in the workplace from multiple dimensions, breaks through the limitations of the comprehensive dimensional circle of film and television, and presents the audience with the theme of sweet youth hormones and reality as the background. love story. At the same time, the program also uses warm and beautiful emotional relationships to heal and comfort young people who are generally busy and lonely at the moment, conveying the program’s intention and spirit of “there will be bread, and there will be love.”

Cast members

Du Hai Tao as Show Host.

Angelababy as Show Host.

Guo Qi Lin as Show Host.

Lareina Song Zu Er as Show Host.

Victor Ma as Show Host.

Li Xue Qin as Show Host.

Source: Baidu

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