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Hebe Tien Gets Accused of Copyright Infringement by HIM International After Performing Her Own Song

S.H.E (from left to right: Hebe Tien, Ella Chen, Selina Jen)

Hebe Tien debuted under HIM International Music as one of the girl group, S.H.E members. In September 2018, Hebe officially left the label and founded her own management company, A Tune Music Co., Ltd. Then in April 2019, Tien signed a recording deal with Pourquoi Pas Music.

Hebe Tien

According to Taiwanese media reports, Hebe Tien held four concerts in a row at the end of September. Her performance included her classic hits such as “A Little Happiness”, “Insignificance” and “Day By Day”. In October, Hebe received a letter from her former label, HIM International Music. The letter stated that out of the 25 songs she performed in the concert, 16 songs belong to HIM International Music. Since Hebe had not obtained the authorization beforehand, the label asked Hebe and the concert organizers to explain.

To ETtoday, HIM International Music stated that Hebe Tien and the concert organizers, Pourquoi Pas Music and A Tune Music Co., Ltd. failed to comply with the agreement until the end of the performance and negotiated authorization with HIM International Music for the use of their recording copyright. This matter resulted in the infringement of HIM International Music’s rights and interests. HIM International Music stressed that this move is mainly to hope that musicians and event organizers will respect intellectual property rights and related contractual obligations when singing others’ copyrighted works. They also stated that there is no problem for artists to sing their new songs. More than 60% of the performance was HIM International Music’s songs. Since the media reported the tracklists, HIM International Music knew that there was an infringement. Therefore they sent a letter to ask for an explanation.

Hebe Tien will also perform in Xinbei for the Christmas and New Year Eve show, ETtoday asked if it was true that Hebe could not sing HIM International Music’s songs in commercial performances. HIM International Music said: “The contract status for each artist is different. According to the agreement between the two parties, Hebe Tien’s songs which belong to the HIM International Music’s rights need to be authorized by HIM International Music.” They also added that commercial performances are performed all over the world. HIM International Music is operating decently and will not deliberately send someone to monitor the artist. If you didn’t come to apply for authorization in advance, the label would know afterward.

As for the amount of compensation for Hebe’s infringement, HIM International Music said: “We will negotiate a solution with the artist and the organizers. We are now waiting for their reply and explanation.”

In a separate event on 9 December, her former SHE bandmate Ella Chen was asked about Hebe Tien’s alleged infringement allegations by HIM International Music. She frankly said that she knew about Hebe’s claim for compensation. Ella also added, “She feels quite helpless. Although it seems calm, I feel that she must be very helpless. Even my father called me and asked me about the situation. I was quite reluctant about it, but I didn’t know how to react.”

When asked about the contract with HIM International Music that has expired for two years, whether the two sides still have not reached a consensus on the S.H.E integration negotiation, Ella solemnly said: “Yes, there is no progress.” About whether there is an increase in the difficulty, she answered: “I feel that I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Take one step and count that one step. If there is that fate, there is still a chance. I still have expectations in my heart, but I will not set anything [concrete].”

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