Huang Zitao Declared That He Would Stop Posting Photos After Fans Complain About The Picture Quality

Recently, Huang Zitao declared that he would stop posting pictures together with his Studio after fans complained about the photo quality.

Huang Zitao
Huang Zitao reacts to his fans complaints

Fans appeared to have been upset because previously, Huang Zitao would asked them to give him likes and support on social media. Yet, they do not think it is reasonable that the C-pop star does not seem to take their views into account.

huang zitao weibo post

Source: Huang Zitao’s Weibo Post

Huang Zitao wrote the following Weibo post on 17th June:

“From today, I’m stopping all posing and pictures before all activities. Right now I really don’t like taking these things. The natural photos are okay, but the huge things before leaving – they’re stopping today. I don’t like taking photos for magazines either, so I’m stopping those too. Thanks 😀

Huang Zitao’s Weibo post

“Let me say it more clearly. I focus on the present. I listen to myself. I’ve never listened to fans’ opinions. These stupid photos, competing who’s faster and more handsome – not sure when this weird habit started. So fancy. If you have opinions about the clothes and the hair styling I chose why are you scolding my workers? You think they can control me? People who like looking at fancy things, don’t like me. I don’t like writing all those messy things that may not even exist. Go like people who take pictures to show you every day. Go look for people who listen to your opinions. [Over] here, it’s useless, got it?

Can’t understand the nice version, giving me no choice but to put it bluntly. If you have time to type and give your opinions or scold people, why not call your family, study well or work hard instead 😀

Huang Zitao’s second Weibo post on the same topic

Fans of Huang Zitao reply to his Weibo Post

Comment Source: Huang Zitao’s Weibo Post. All comments are made by followers of Huang Zitao who have followed him for at least 7 days or more.

[+49,000] Just disband the official fan base and studio

[+39,000] Okay, the studio didn’t do these things well, and you think your fans are making things hard for you? OK. Reporting hate is done by the fans, buying your stuff is done by fans, going to activities and taking photos is done by fans, buying magazines is done by fans. The studio takes their salary but doesn’t need to do anything. This job is so free. Now, even pictures don’t have to be released. Why don’t you just get rid of the photographers and makeup artists, saving money? 👍

[+16,000] It’s just that some fans care about too much

[+14,000] Until now you still think it’s only the problem of the pictures and styling right

[+16,000] You have an artist’s temper, but not an artist’s base. This is the point. When you’ve got a “king of movies”, come back and say this again.

[+14,000] Hahaha, so you mean in the future you don’t need fans?

[+9868] Who wants to control you? If you don’t say it properly it’s useless, no one cares about Weibo. The whole of Douban is hate. We have hearts. In the middle of the night when we cry and report hate, supporting you, and still get insulted by the official fanbase and studio, get scolded by the workers and fans? Have you seen that? What happened to the walking together we agreed in the past

[+8588] How are you talking to the queen, kneel and admit you’re wrong, if you don’t listen to ladies’ words men are the one who suffer

[+5578] What’s the meaning of this paragraph, Huang Zitao, do you know it yourself?

[+4161] If you want to do it, do it properly. Since you’ve done it, why not do it properly? If you can do it, do it; if you can’t, leave. Who doesn’t know how to get angry?

[+3120] But babe, do you know that fans will also be really sad?

[+2186] Sigh, fans also hope that you’ll get better and better, they don’t mean ill

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