Huang Zitao Successfully Fanboys Over Troye Sivan

Huang Zitao Successfully Fanboys Over Troye Sivan!

On July 16th, Chinese singer Huang Zitao and South African born Australian singer Troye Sivan conversed with one another on a music website.

Huang Zitao commented on Troye Sivan’s new song《Easy》, which he’s been listening to recently! Tao expressed that he has always liked Troye’s unique style of music, and also asked Troye to listen to his new single《Ice Cream》.

Troye replied that he gladly would listen to《Ice Cream》and was appreciative of Tao’s support. He also expressed that he liked Huang Zitao’s new single.

As netizens saw the interaction between the two singers, fans congratulated Tao for successfully chasing his idol ( zhui xing 追星)! It’s nice to see the singers supporting each other’s new singles.

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