Huang Zitao Writes An Encouraging Message For Chuang 2020 Trainee Xu Yiyang

Huang Zitao is the CEO of L.TAO Entertainment, which is also Xu Yiyang’s management company

Soon after Xu Yiyang wrote a long statement for fans on Weibo after the Chuang 2020 finale, Mentor Huang Zitao also wrote a touching post of encouragement for Xu Yiyang. He tells her not to give up, and that he hopes to see her continue developing as an artiste in his management company.

Every company starts from very small steps before growing into a large company.
Longtao (L.TAO) Entertainment was established on 17th July 2018.
It’s like an unhatched egg of mine
Maybe it’s just the beginning now, and this year I am 27 years old.
And you are like my first child, @Xu Yiyang.
This feeling is not about how much money I want you to make for the company, or how famous I want you to be, but it is a kind of joy that comes from seeing you grow and progress.
Because I know that there is a responsibility, no matter the good or the bad, you choose Longtao Entertainment and you choose to believe in the company and me at this moment instead of leaving. To be responsible until the very end, for you to become better and better is like watching a child grow up.
Your flower road has only just begun. A loss may not be a bad thing as it may be a blessing in disguise. A better future will be in sight with time and a gradual accumulation of your works. I hope you will move forward steadily and work hard to perform all your works seriously in future. I hope you will not disappoint all who believe in you, those who choose you, and those who will find you. Always know how to be grateful ????

Fighting Xu Yiyang, today I am not your coach, but your boss who will grow with you in the future! Twinkle Twinkle Xu Yiyang who shines everywhere she goes @Xu Yiyang.

Longtao Entertainment is not small, but we are relatively low-key.
Before we get things done, making a false show of strength is unnecessary.

Longtao Entertainment,
Young King Young Boss – Huang Zitao

Huang Zitao also amusingly added a photo of a crying Xu Yiyang to his Weibo post

We wish Xu Yiyang all the best in her journey ahead!

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