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Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang Jiaer (王嘉尔/잭슨) was born in Hong Kong on March 28, 1994. He is a C-pop singer, musician , host, designer, and creative director from Hong Kong , China


Jackson Wang Jiaer

Name: Jackson Wang
Chinese Name (Simplified / Traditional): 王嘉尔 (Wang Jiaer) / 王嘉爾 (Wang Gayee)
Nicknames: 嘉嘉 (Jiajia), 嘎嘎 (Gaga), Seunie, 大草莓 (big strawberry), 老王 (Old Wang), +2 (pronounced like jia-er)
Nationality: Chinese
Birthday: March 28, 1994
Place of Birth: Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong (China)
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog
Height: 175cm
Weight: 64kg
Occupation: Singer, producer, composer, lyricist, rapper, dancer, host, entrepreneur, creative director and designer
Agency: TEAM WANG, Sublime Artist Agency (partnership with Team Wang)
Associated Acts: GOT7
Education: American International School

Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 王嘉尔
Oasis: 王嘉尔
Instagram: jacksonwang852g7
Twitter: JacksonWang852
TikTok: jacksonwang
Douyin: 王嘉尔 (ID: 265942720)
YouTube: JacksonWangOFFICIAL
Facebook: Jackson Wang
Team Wang Design: Team Wang Design
Spotify/Apple Music: Jackson Wang
NetEase/QQ Music: 王嘉尔


Team Wang’s Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: TEAMWANG嘉尔工作室
Instagram: teamwang
Twitter: teamwangofcl
Douyin: TEAMWANG嘉尔工作室 (ID: teamwang626)
Weibo: TEAMWANGdesign
Instagram: teamwangdesign
Facebook: TEAMWANGdesign
YouTube: TEAMWANGdesign
Website: www.teamwangdesign.com 

Fandom Facts

Fandom Name: Jacky
Fandom Color: Flashlight White ????
Official Fanclub: 王嘉尔官方粉丝后援会


  • Jackson grew up in Sha Tin District, Hong Kong.
  • He also often visited his grandparents in Shanghai, and lived in Guangzhou before.
  • Family: His mom Sophia is a former world champion gymnast and his dad Wang Ruiji is a former gold medalist fencer. He has an older brother Winston, who lives in Australia and was a rugby player. Jackson’s grandfather Zhou Yongchang was the pioneer of ultrasound diagnostic medicine in China.
  • Jackson began fencing at the age of 10 for the Hong Kong national fencing team, under the coaching of his dad. He won many medals and awards, including placing 11th (youth) in the world in 2010 Summer Olympics and winning two golds at the Asian Junior and Cadet Championships in 2011.
  • Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese and Korean. He also studied French in school, travelled a lot and lived abroad as a fencer.
  • He studied at American International School in Hong Kong until 11th grade.
  • He got offered a fencing scholarship to Stanford University while training for the London Olympics, which he gave up to pursue a career as a musician.
  • He was noticed by Korean idol agency JYP while playing basketball at school, for which he then auditioned with dancing and passed.
  • Before giving up fencing for his dream of being a musician, he made a bet with his dad: he had to win gold at the Asian Junior Championships, which no one from Hong Kong had done before. Jackson went on to win two gold medals despite a previously injured ankle and got his parents’ permission to move to Korea to start his dream.
  • He moved to Korea in 2011 and trained for 2,5 years before debuting in K-pop group GOT7 in 2014, soon gaining international success.
  • Jackson founded TEAM WANG in 2017 as his own company responsible for his solo activities. In the beginning, with only 2 members including himself, Jackson did everything by his own hard work – all paperwork, managing, even finding accommodations etc. Now TEAM WANG has extended to ~70 employees, with different divisions responsible for music, production, fashion, artist management etc. The meaning of the name TEAM WANG: “It’s my team and I think that to build a kingdom, it’s only possible with a team. The spirit and DNA of Team Wang is we all share the same attitude.” The motto of TEAM WANG is “Know Yourself, Make Your Own History.”
  • Jackson’s own clothing brand TEAM WANG Design was founded in 2020 having since released 2 collections (Cookies) and various exclusives (Sparkles), including first of its kind collaboration with Monet. Jackson is the creative director and designer.
  • Jackson has his own wax figure – first presented in Madame Tussauds Hong Kong in 2019, later in Madame Tussauds Shanghai in 2021.
  • Jackson’s first fan meeting for his birthday in 2019, titled “328 Journey Festival” sold out in 98 seconds.
  • He had a personally designed limited edition collection with Fendi in 2019 as the brand’s first ever velvet collection, it sold out immediately after launch. The opportunity came from personally meeting with Silvia Venturini Fendi. 
  • Jackson’s first album Mirrors (2019) sold over 800k copies in China making it the Digital Album of the Year. It placed #32 on Billboard 200, making him the first Chinese artist to debut as high on the chart with a debut album.
  • Jackson’s single “100 Ways” became the first song by a Chinese artist to debut on Mediabase’s U.S. Top 40 radio chart, peaking at #23.
  • Jackson is also the first Chinese artist to: win a Teen Choice Award, chart #1 on both U.S. iTunes pop and main chart, chart on Billboard’s Year End Social Top 50 Artists and have the fastest 10 million views on VEVO.
  • He is the Chinese artist with the most followers on Instagram, most listeners on Spotify, most subscribers and most liked MV on YouTube.
  • He is also the first ever artist to perform at a Fendi fashion show, first ever global ambassador for Ray-Ban and first to be on the cover of L’Officiel Hommes magazine in 4 different countries.


Trivia and Fun Facts:

  • Jackson used to also do gymnastics as a child before fencing.
  • Jackson spends most of his time at the studio and making music. Since this is what he loves doing the most, he doesn’t see it as work.
  • Most times he is so busy with his schedules, running Team Wang and with meetings in different timezones, he doesn’t have time to sleep much.
  • Jackson insists on being closely involved in each project he releases, from production/composing at the studio to scripting/directing videos. He is a perfectionist and has described creative projects as “pizzas”, where each piece has to fit in its place.
  • People who meet Jackson or have worked with him always have nice things to say. He is often described as very hardworking, creative, passionate, considerate, kind and very sweet, also towards working staff and of course fans. He likes to make everyone feel comfortable and encourage others towards their dreams by sharing his own story.
  • Everyone who meets him also says he smells nice.
  • He is very witty, conversational and always creates an atmosphere.
  • He translates almost all his posts into at least 3 languages for fans, even when speaking during live streams.
  • Jackson is very family-oriented and expresses his love and gratitude for his parents often. He is moving back together with them this year in Beijing to spend more time with them.
  • Jackson has a little niece called Aimee (his brother’s daughter), who lives in Australia. She appeared on an episode of Let Go Of My Baby 3 with Jackson.
  • Jackson has 8 tattoos: his parents’ birthdates and zodiacs on both his arms, a fencing sabre sword, 2010 Youth Olympic Games logo, a Chinese lantern reminiscent of his childhood, “TEAM WANG let’s make history”, “Cookies” (name of Team Wang Design collections – matching with two other members/friends) and the character for luck “福” turned towards himself.
  • Jackson always wears a red string bracelet around his wrist for a while now, it’s a good luck charm from his Chinese zodiac year that should break off naturally.
  • Many of Jackson’s fashion choices have become popular among others as well: matching tracksuit, beanie + sunglasses, “comma” hair etc.
  • When he first started out performing with his music, he often wore a cap to hide his face. He has said it was to make people more focused on his music, rather than seeing and  remembering him as the funny guy from many variety shows.
  • He wrote, composed, produced and recorded “Red” with ICE in only 3 hours as a challenge.
  • He used to watch Michael Jackson concert DVDs as a child, which inspired him to become a performer.
  • His favourite movies are Miracle in Cell No.7, Infernal Affairs (I, II, III) and Chasing the Dragon. Jackson wants to act in an action movie himself.
  • He’s good at martial art tricking and beatboxing.
  • Favourite Food: Ice cream, durian, cheese (sticks, burgers), hot pot, ramen, egg fried rice and his mom’s chicken soup. He cannot eat anything spicy at all.
  • Jackson’s nickname “big strawberry” comes from his fans jackys calling him cute names including different fruit and him playfully accepting it only if he can be the biggest one.
  • To relax he likes bubble baths, doing face masks and having drinks with friends.
  • Jackson is often compared to Squirtle, because of his similar smile.
  • Jackson has collabed on many projects with U.S. dance crew Kinjaz, his now good friends. His dancing has been compared to being on a professional level too by many professional dancers.
  • His strong stage presence when performing earned him his “stage sniper” nickname.
  • The co-founder and president of Team Wang Design, Henry, is Jackson’s childhood best friend.
  • Jackson is good friends with Bai Jingting, Jing Boran, Wei Daxun, Jam Hsiao, JJ Lin, GEM and many more artists you may know.
  • Childhood Crush: Yang Zi


Jackson Wang Discography


  • Mirrors (2019)


  • “Papillon” (2017)
  • “Okay” (2017)
  • “Dawn of Us” (2018)
  • “Fendiman” (2018)
  • “Different Game” (2018) ft. Gucci Mane
  • “Oxygen” (2019)
  • “Bullet To The Heart” (2019) from Mirrors
  • “Dway!” (2019) from Mirrors
  • “100 Ways” (2020)
  • “Pretty Please” (2020) ft. Galantis
  • Should’ve Let Go” (2020) ft. JJ Lin
  • “一个人 Alone” (2021)
  • “Leave Me Loving You” (2021)


  • “멈춰버린 시간 (Frozen In Time)” (2014) with Sunmi
  • “Mood” (2017) with Meng Jia
  • “Lucky Rain” (2018) with Tia Ray
  • “Bruce Lee” (2018) with Al Rocco
  • “Can’t Breathe” (2018) with Eddie Supa, Stan Sono
  • “Creo En Mi” (2018) with Sammi Cheng
  • “Hello” (2018) with Wang Feifei
  • “Red” (2019) with ICE
  • “MK Circus” (2019) with Dough-Boy
  • “深淵 (Abyss)” (2019) with Nicholas Tse
  • “Hypey” (2019) with Lai Kuanlin
  • “Rumble” (2019) with Goldlink
  • “Another” (2019) with Roi/Qin Fen
  • “Too Busy” (2019) with Boy Story
  • “Tequila Sunrise” (2019) with Higher Brothers, August 08, Goldlink
  • “Walking” (2019) with Joji, Swae Lee, Major Lazer
  • “I Love You 3000 II” (2019) with Stephanie Poetri
  • “Face Power” (2019) with KnowKnow
  • “Magnetic” (2021) with Rain
  • “So Bad” (2021) with Vava
  • “M.I.A” (2021) with Afgan

Promotional songs:

  • “Generation 2” (2017) for Pepsi
  • “(V)ision” (2017) for Vivo
  • “X” (2018) for Super X Snow Beer
  • “热爱就一起 (For The Love of It)” (2019) with GEM for Pepsi


  • “拜托了冰箱3主题曲” (2017) for Go Fridge Season 3
  • “九州天空城” (2017) for Novoland: The Castle in The Sky
  • “U&I” (2017) with GOT7 JB for The Package OST
  • “Papillon (BOYTOY remix)” (2019) for The Rookies

Notable Covers:

  • “安静 (Silence)” (2019) on Sound of My Dream 3
  • “该死的温柔 (Damned Gentleness)” (2019) on Sound of My Dream 3

GOT7 Credits:

  • “Just Tonight”, “Moonlight” (2014)
  • “Good”, “Feels Good”, “Tic Tic Tok”, “Back To Me”, “Confession Song” (2015)
  • “Boom x3”, “Sick”, “No Jam”, “WOLO”, “I Love It” (2016)
  • “Shopping Mall”, “OUT”, “Go Higher”, “Face” (2017)
  • “Made It” (solo), “Hunger” (solo), “Phoenix”, “OMW” (2018)
  • God Has Returned + Mañana” (2019)
  • “Special” (2020)

Jackson Wang Filmography

Variety Shows in Korea:

  • Win: Who is Next (2013) first appearance before debut
  • Roommate 2 (2014) 
  • Hitmaker (2014) (2017)
  • A Look At Myself (2015)
  • Taste of Others (2015)
  • Law of the Jungle: Nicaragua (2015)
  • Real Men (2016)
  • Celeb Bros (2016)
  • Let’s Eat Dinner Together (2018)
  • Wassup Man (2021)
  • The Manager (2021)

Variety Shows in China:

  • Go Fridge (2016 – …) as Co-host with He Jiong
  • Fresh Sunday (2016)
  • Fighting Man (2016)
  • Top Surprise (2016)
  • Rap of China (2017)
  • Arena of Valor (2017)
  • Feng’s Taste Chef Nic (2017)
  • Go Fighting (2017)
  • Keep Running (2017) (2019) (2020)
  • Men’s Dessert Club (2017)
  • Youth Inn (2017)
  • Who’s The Murderer (2016) (2017)
  • Beat The Champions (2017)
  • Theory of Relativity (2017)
  • Idol Producer (2018) as Rap Mentor
  • Hot Blood Dance Crew (2018) as Dance Captain
  • Let Go of My Baby 3 (2018)
  • Bring Me Somewhere Far (2018)
  • Sound Of My Dream 3 (2018) as Judge
  • Chuang (2019) as Judge
  • My Better Me (2019)
  • Do Did Eat (2019)
  • Soundwave Partners (2019)
  • We Are Young (2020) as Guest Judge
  • Street Dance of China 3 (2020) as Team Captain


Jackson Wang Endorsements (Present)

  • Fendi
  • Cartier (global)
  • Armani Beauty
  • Ray-Ban (global)
  • L’oreal Men Expert (global)
  • Pepsi
  • Vivo
  • Super X Snow Beer
  • Shinsegae Duty Free


Jackson Wang Awards


  • Best Male Rookie Variety (2014) for Roommate at SBS Entertainment Awards
  • The Most Loved Entertaining Couple (2016) with He Jiong for Go Fridge at Top Chinese Music Awards
  • Annual Variety Star Award (2016) for Go Fridge at Tencent Video Star Awards


  • Popular Artist of the Year (2017) at Sina Weibo Night Awards 2016
  • MTV Special Award (2017) at Asian Music Gala
  • Fashion Musician of the Year (2017) at Esquire Man At His Best Awards
  • Most Attitude Hip-Hop Singer/Composer of the Year (2017) at Netease Attitude Awards
  • Song of the Year (2017) for Papillon at iQiyi Scream Night 2018
  • Breakthrough Singer of the Year (2017) for Papillon at Tencent Video Star Awards
  • The Most Popular Newcomer of the Year (2018) at Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards
  • Choice Next Big Thing (2018) at Teen Choice Awards
  • Weibo Original Musician of the Year (2019) at Sina Weibo Night Awards 2018
  • Best Selling Digital Album of the Year (2019) for Mirrors at NetEase Cloud Music Awards 2019
  • Most Popular Pop Album of the Year (2019) for Mirrors at NetEase Cloud Music Awards 2019
  • Most Popular Collaboration of the Year (2019) for I Love You 3000 II at NetEase Cloud Music Awards 2019
  • Most Popular Single of the Year (2019) for I Love You 3000 II at NetEase Cloud Music Awards 2019
  • Male God of the Year (2020) at Sina Weibo Night Awards 2019
  • Best Male Solo Artist (2020) at Channel R Radio Awards
  • Best Collaboration (2020) for Pretty Please at Channel R Awards
  • Musician of The Year (2021) at Harper’s BAZAAR Icons


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