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Jackson Wang Speaks Up Against Asian Hate: The World Needs Love Now

Recently, C-pop singer Jackson Wang wrote an Instagram post seemingly in response to the Atlanta shootings, which involved shootings targetted at victims of Asian descent.


Jackson Wang wrote Speaks Up Against Asian Hate


On March 18, he made it clear on Instagram his rejection of racism and also called on fans to donate to the #StopAsianHate movement:

I want to take a moment to say my heart is with the Asian community. As an asian myself, what has been happening is truly heartbreaking. Hatred and racism of any kind is not acceptable. As I always say, I truly believe no one is born hating. Those who have hated must have learned to hate. And if anyone can learn to hate then they can learn to love. The world needs love now more than ever. Please use your voice and I will do my best to use mine. Let’s uplift each other and make a change together. Love.#StopAsianHate

This is not the first time Jackson Wang has taken a definite stance against racism. Previously, he also voiced his support for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

“2020 has been a really tough year.
Very unfortunate events, not just about me or you.
I don’t qualify to judge a lot of things,
but this is absolutely ridiculous.
Racism is ridiculous.
I truly believe no one is born hating.
Those who have hated, must have learnt to hate.
And if anyone can learn to hate , then anyone can learn to love.
Let’s fight racism together.#blacklivesmatter #letsfightracism”

If you are a fan of Jackson Wang, remember to check out his latest song, M.I.A!

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