Jackson Wang Withdraws From The Qingdao Rye Music Festival

On June 7, Jackson Wang Jiaer’s studio issued an announcement on Weibo that “Jackson Wang Jiaer could not participate in the Rye Music Festival in Qingdao on June 13 due to an unexpected emergency trip..” 

While expressing its apologies, the studio also stated that it will actively cooperate with the organizer to do a good job of refunding tickets due to changes in the performance content. At the same time, they thanked both the Rye Music Festival and fans for their support.

Jackson Wang
Jackson Wang
Jackson wang Studio

The Rye Music Festival’s official page subsequently forwarded an announcement saying: “Mr. Jackson Wang Jiaer is unable to participate in the Ryefield Music Festival held on June 13 at Zhonglian Sports Park in Jimo District, Qingdao City as scheduled. (We) feel very sorry. We sincerely apologize to the music fans. The Qingdao Ryefield Music Festival will be held as scheduled. The organizer is already looking for artists who can participate in the corresponding performance time of the Ryefield Music Festival on June 13.”

We hope that fans will not be too disappointed by this news and continue to give the Cpop star their support!

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