Jing Long Revealed That He Recently Had A Fungal Infection In His Ears

Former CHUANG 2021 Trainee Jing Long was recently sighted lying in a chair for a medical examination in the hospital, causing heated discussions online. Many were worried about the idol’s well-being and health.

Jing Long chuang 2021
Jing Long

Fans Spot Jing Long at A Hospital

Jing Long was recenty spotted by fans at an afternoon check-up in the hospital After the check-up, he sank into a chair in the corner of the hospital and sought some rest. Fans felt that the scene appeared distressing, as the idol seemed very tired and frail.

Jing Long
Jing Long sleeping

Jing Long Addresses Concerns Relating To His Hospital Visit

Jing Long’s status (auto-translated)

On 22 June, Jing Long wrote a long status addressing the issue:

“I had external otitis [an acute infection of the ear] three months ago, and I recently felt hearing loss in my right ear. I went to do a check-up. I found out that it was because I didn’t recover from the last time and I had a fungal infection. After receiving treatment at the hospital today and felt dizzy afterwards, so I laid down on a chair and rested for a while… I made everyone worried, and will take a good rest and take good care of myself. Thank you for your concern. You must also pay attention to your health.”

Jing Long showed a photo of his medical diagnosis
Jing Long showed a photo of his medical diagnosis

He also added in the comment section of his post:

“In the future, you can stay up late without staying up, take a rest if you can, eat regularly, and have more hotwater! The resistance is reduced, and the body will have various minor problems, as shown in the picture.”

“And the most important point, don’t buckle your ears at will. Ears are very sensitive. You will feel dizzy after washing your ears, just think about how scary it is.”

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