Ju Jingyi Gets Attacked By Netizens For Her “Changing” Shoulder Line Over The Years

Ju Jingyi was unwittingly pulled into the spotlight recently, when netizens identified that she appeared to have a slimmer and slimmer shoulder line over the years.

Ju JIngyi cpop

Her studio recently stepped out to address these false rumors speculating that she underwent cosmetic procedures to attain such a figure.

We look at how netizens have reacted to the news of the Studio’s warning against such allegations.

Ju Jingyi shoulder line
Netizens found fault with the idol’s shoulder line over the years

Source: Weibo hashtag discussion

[+260,000] Can only say that on becoming a good-looking girl, she really works hard. I think Ju Jingyi improved through going to the gym, it looks like suitable gym trips are really important!

[+12,000] How has it changed? Probably a gorgeous girl having self-control.

[+4208] Support Ju Jingyi’s legal rights! For a long time, Ju Jingyi has been growing amidst criticisms, and the rumors about Xiao ju have been made out of nothing. [We will] ontinue to support Ju Jingyi’s rights protection through legal recourse to protect her!

Watching Ju Jingyi walking along the way, she will know that she achieved today’s results through hard work and self-discipline. She has put in a lot of hard work and self discipline to achieve her dream. She has been using her actions to prove to everyone. Just look! I don’t care, Ju Jingyi’s right-angled shoulders can really be compared to that of protractor. Xiao Ju is serious and admirable for working hard on the road to beauty! Self-disciplined girl yyds! Find a Xiaoju’s right-angled shoulder tutorial!

[+6388] Such an awkward negative hot search 😅 Is having self-control and doing exercise wrong? So because you can’t touch Ju Jingyi, you’ll scold her, and everything is a marketing opportunity? Reject spreading ill looks-related worries, independently judge and start working hard for your fitness goals yourself. The ones spreading rumours, wait until the company refutes the rumours

[+1508] Having self-control and training to make your body better can also be hated on, Ju Jingyi’s so pitiful. If you have time to hate on her, learn how to have self-control first!

Most of the comments in this area have been very positive.

Comments from Sina Weibo’s News Article Reporting On The Situation

Sina News Source


[+29] She did an injection for slimmer shoulders and even bought a hot search.

[+11] Her current looks are not bad, it’s just that she’s too fake. Her Weibo is mainly selfies and she and her fans keep refusing to admit that she’s 153cm.

[+7] Sigh..

[+6] For someone who has changed her entire head before, is such a small change is worthy of a statement?

[ +6] Go to Dr. Jiang in Shanghai and [they will] injected a lot of thin needles to your shoulder, along with 20 hyaluronic acid injections on both sides to turn into a right-angled shoulder. Another internet celebrity from the same doctor has already revealed the news.

What do you think of this situation?

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