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L.TAO Entertainment Refutes Rumours that Xu Yiyang Received “Special Treatment” From Huang Zitao

On the afternoon of 30th June, Huang Zitao Studio‘s forwarded a statement issued by L.TAO Entertainment. In the statement, it was stated that there had been many malicious attempts to speculate that Huang Zitao had given Xu Yiyang “preferential treatment” in Chuang 2020 due to their employer-employee relationship.

For context, Huang Zitao is currently a mentor on Chuang 2020 to all participating trainees, including Xu Yiyang. Such speculations arose from the fact that Xu Yiyang is also a trainee signed under Huang Zitao’s management company, L.TAO Entertainment.

In the long statement, the company clarified that Xu Yiyang did not receive any special treatment aside from in the program, and that such fabricated rumours were deliberately brought onto major websites and forums by some netizens with malicious ulterior motives.

The content speculated in the series of posts is purely speculative and fabricated with the intention of defaming the celebrities in question.

Huang Zitao is currently a mentor to the trainees in Chuang 2020

L.TAO Entertainment warns that such rumours constituted acts of defamation towards the idols in question. They ask for all social media users to refrain from spreading malicious rumours and to immediately delete the false information and misleading remarks if they had made any. They should not spread or reprint the information by any means and methods.

The company reiterates that they will continue to collect evidence of such defamatory actions. Should the parties in question continue to spread false statements to infringe the reputation of the artist, L.TAO Entertainment will not hesitate to seek legal recourse against the offending parties.

L.TAO Entertainment issues a long statement refuting false rumours


Read the official statement below:

Recently, there have been a lot of malicious and fabricated posts on some social media such as Sina Weibo and Douban, about the relationship between my company’s artist, Mr Huang Zitao (Tao Huang) and Miss Xu Yiyang. Some even speculated that Miss Xu Yiyang had preferential treatment during the program just because she is an employee in Mr Huang Zitao’s company. These types of false posts have been disseminated intentionally by some online users to different big online forums.

The content of these posts are totally malicious speculations, fabricated rumours, and they are intended to defame the artist’s image and fame, causing the artist to suffer from misunderstandings. In order to protect Mr Huang Zitao and Miss Xu Yiyang’s legal rights, our company hereby declares:

  1. The content above that relates to our company’s artists are entirely false and fake information. According to our country’s relevant law policies, the above net users that published false information have caused infringement to the reputation of our artists.
  2. We ask for all the related online users stop those malicious fabrications and delete related false information. In the meantime, please don’t spread, diffuse or reprint in anyways.
  3. We will be monitoring Sina Weibo, Douban and other social media if there are any suspected violations of our artists’ legal rights, and will be collecting evidence on it. If we find someone who continues to spread false statements, we will investigate all the infringer’s legal responsibilities and resolve the matter through legal recourse.
  4. We are here to remind the general public not to be misled by that false information. Meanwhile, we encourage netizens to supervise and resist this kind of bad behaviour and to maintain a conducive online environment.

We believe that “Chuang 2020” is a fair and unbiased variety show. L.Tao Entertainment is also keen on developing a low-profile business philosophy so that in future we can do our best to produce quality works to for our audience. Last but not least, thank you all for your attention to our company’s artist, Mr Huang Zitao and Miss Xu Yiyang.

L.TAO Entertainment
30th June 2020


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