“CHUANG 2021” Trainee Lelush ‘s Fanclub Announce Their Decision To Stop Voting For Him

Recently, Lelush‘s official fanclub on Weibo stated that they have decided to stop voting for him. In a note to fellow supporters, the fanclub said that they were halt fundraising efforts to cast votes for him, which had the effect of ceasing to vote for him. This announcement was made out of respect for his wish not to debut as part of a boy group.

This decision is likely to have been made after Lelush gave his speech in the latest episode, telling fans that he believes that they are people who “know the limits.”

Lelush Asks Fans Not To Vote For Him


The Russian trainee #Lelush has made pleas on numerous occasions to his fans to stop voting for him. It is not his dream to be in a boy-group. 

In a recent livestream, he responded to plea from his fans to “smile more” by saying, “once the programme ends I will smile more. Now that I’m here, I have no mood to smile.”

While some fans have been voting for him so that he can remain in the show and gain more popularity, others are of the opinion that voting for him is “prolonging his torture.”

Lelush Makes A Speech At The Third Elimination Rankings

Lelush ranking
Lelush ranking

Even at the most third elimination rankings, where he emerged as 10th place he gave the following speech:

Even though I’m terrified to be standing on this stage, I still believe that everyone will respect my choice to refrain from debuting. I think they have a good understanding of what are the limits. I know you all want to see me more, that’s why I came to the finals. But this survival show and being part of a boy group are two different things. Don’t be afraid that you will no longer see me in the future. Because this programme just proves that I have more opportunities to meet all of you in many places. I still believe that you all are people who know what are the limits.

Lelush’s Fan Club Announces Decision Not To Vote For Him

The fanclub issued an official statement as follows:

“Hello everyone, this is Lelush’s official fanclub. Lelush has officially made it through the third elimination round, but because he does not wish to debut, the fanclub has decided to close all fundraising work for his votes. The remaining resources pooled in will still be used to vote for the finals, but we assure that it will be used up before the finals. Once all the remaining votes are casted, we will not assemble any more personnel to carry out group voting.

The fanclub respects Lelush’s decision and we thank everyone’s support and company all this time.”

Whatever the outcome of the finale episode may be, Lelush has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most hotly discussed trainees on Chuang 2021. Some even attribute the high viewership of Chuang 2021 to Lelush, whose comedic declaration of “I don’t want to be here” wins the hearts of many fans.

That said, we hope that similarly, international fans will cast their votes wisely. For a trainee with no genuine intentions to debut as part of a boy group, it may not be wise for them to take up the position of a trainee who has a burning desire to showcase their talent.

Do you think Lelush will make it up to the final line-up in the end? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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