Li Ronghao’s New Song “What Do You Want Me To Do” Is Made Out Of Only 9 Words

On 8th July 2020, Li Rong Hao finally released his song, “要我怎么办“ (literal meaning: What Do You Want Me To Do) at midnight on the dot.

Album cover art for his song, “What Do You Want Me To Do”

The song trended on Weibo under the hashtag “Li Rong Hao’s new song only has nine words”!

True enough, as netizens checked out the lyrics of the song most of the words are repeated lending truth to the fact that the talented singer-songwriter only made use of nine words to turn his piece into a new single.

The lyrics of Li Ronghao’s new song literally comprise of only 9 words, much to everyone’s amusement.

In response to the amusement of his fans, Li Ronghao shared his thoughts about his new songs on Weibo:

“He he” and “Ha ha” these four words in this day and age encompass too many emotions and feelings, it’s like you’ve said a lot yet you’ve said nothing at all.

— Li Ronghao on his new song, “What Do You Want Me To Do”.

If you haven’t streamed his new song, you can purchase it on music platforms such as QQ Music, Net Ease Music, Ku Gou Music, Kuwo Music or Mi Gu Music.

Alternatively, there are some samples of it on Youtube as well:


What do you think about Li Rong Hao’s new song? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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