Li Wenhan Clarifies That He Is Single And Assures Fans That He’ll Keep Working Hard

Recently, photos have surfaced on the internet of the UNINE member cosying up with the female singer and actress Yi Yizi.

On 12th September, Li Wenhan made an official Weibo post shooting down the relationship rumours and letting his fans know that he is still single.


The full post is as follows:

“I am sorry that I have caused everyone to worry these few days. Thanks for the understanding, trust and support I have received from my fans all this time. I understand that everyone has been in mental anguish like me. My staff even asked for me not to look at Weibo but I still looked at it anyway. Many people have asked me, what have I been thinking? Do I still want to keep my job? My answer is, I’m 26 years old this year. Now is not the time where I’m in a rush for anything. I’m a celebrity and also an idol, I know the responsibilities that I have to shoulder. I am not perfect, I have many flaws, and I have also been through many crooked paths, but I will never forget the dream I have set out to chase at the beginning. Thank you all for always accompanying me through my many experiences. I know you all have probably withstood everything even more than I did. 

Lastly, I just want to say that I am now single. I will work hard and race towards the peak, as I have always been [doing so].”


While some fans are reassured by the news many C-netizens have left scathing comments on his Weibo post, with a majority of the comments alleging that the idol is not being honest about his relationship status, given the intimate nature of the photos that surfaced.

Yi Yizi responds with her own cryptic Weibo post

In a since deleted Weibo status, Yi Yizi posted a cryptic “hehe” on the day when the news surfaced.

Close friends of the female singer and actress, Wang Ziwei and Shi Ran also wrote seemingly incriminating Weibo posts with the former expressing herself through emojis and the latter uploading a song by Jay Chou titled “What kind of man are you?”

Wang Ziwei shares cryptic emojis Weibo post a day after Li Wenhan addressed the rumours

A few hours after Wang Ziwei wrote a post, Shi Ran also uploaded a song titled “What Kind of Man are you” which seemed to be a jibe at the leader of UNINE.

While the Weibo statuses of the female celebrities are open to interpretation, the situation appears as it is for now.

At present, Li Wenhan is currently making a regular appearance on the variety show, “Perfect Summer” while also promoting actively as the leader and center of the C-pop boy band, UNINE.

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