Li Wenhan Responds To Criticisms on His Acting Skills by Screenwriter Yu Zheng

On December 12, Li Wenhan starred in an episode of the acting variety show, “I Am The Actor 3”. After the episode aired, the Screenwriter and Producer behind Story of Yanxi Palace, Yu Zheng, wrote a long post on Weibo criticising Li Wenhan for his acting role “We must have a respect for the identity of an actor. You participate in two shows at the same time. I think to be an actor, you have to concentrate. If you have the ability to squeeze two shows, it will make sense, but the problem is that the ability is too bad.”

Li Wenhan responds to criticism by YuZheng o
Li Wenhan respons to criticism by YuZheng on I Am An Actor

What happened?

Following the airing of a recent episode of “I Am An Actor”, Li Wenhan played the role of Wei Xiao Bao in a short cut of the drama “The Deer & The Cauldron.”

Li Wenhan played the role of Wei XiaoBao on I Am An Actor 3
Li Wenhan played the role of Wei XiaoBao on I Am An Actor 3

Yu Zheng who is one of the mentors for the show felt that Li Wenhan’s performance was extremely underwhelming. He then took to Weibo to explain his dissatisfaction, as fans of Li Wenhan apparently criticized him for being too hard on the idol.

@Li Wenhan, The problem is not that you have no talent for acting, but too many distracting thoughts and that you want everything . Again, concentration is the only way to succeed. It’s like if you want to be an idol and you can’t fall in love, and if you want to fall in love you can’t be an idol. You can’t have both.

I hope that he will focus on singing and dancing and acting first, and do another after he learns these well. Otherwise, he won’t be able to do the last two things. When he gets older and he loses his good looks, his fans are gone, then he would have no choice but to become a layman!

I saw fans of @Li Wenhan want me to give some professional opinions on his performance, so please listen carefully :

1. Wei Xiaobao is really clever, this is related to the circumstances surrounding his birth, he must be very smooth and good at establishing social relations in order to gain the respect of others. Such intuition is possible through his experience, and it’s not made out of a blink of an eye.

2. Wei Xiaobao’s main task in a scene is to seek some medicine, and a life was at stake, but Li Wenhan did not have a trace of anxiety on his face, nor did he show his eager desire for the Tianshan Snow Lotus.

3. The brotherhood between Xiaobao and Kangxi must be based on mutual understanding. Since he knows Kangxi so well, how can he cover his eyes and talk to him while holding his throat? Who would dare to do this except Xiaobao in the palace? If you really want to deceive the emperor into thinking you are a woman, don’t you at least have to learn how to hold someone’s throat more convincingly? If not don’t you just end up divulging the secret that you’re trying to hide

4. When Xiaobao learns that his identity has been revealed, he has to go through three different emotions. The first is the eagerness to conceal his deception, the second is the anxiety of not being able to get Tianshan snow lotus, and the third is [the struggle of] how to make a decision. However I did not see any of these, I only seeing his anxiety and sense of self-righteous and some forced embarrassment!

The other tutors are involved, do you want me to continue? Originally, we treated the young actors strictly because we wanted him to be better. What does it mean for fans to encircle and suppress? It’s right for him to take on variety shows and acting at the same time?
That it is okay not to focus and just do whatever you want?
Just let him deliver such a performance when he film each drama, right?
You are not loving him, you are hurting him!

Later, Li Wenhan responded to the crticism on Weibo and said,

Thank you for the guidance of the director and teachers. I have learned a lot and discovered my shortcomings. I cherish this opportunity to participate in “I Am An Actor”! I want to become a one Qualified actors, there are still many places I have to work on. All this is just the beginning. I will be 100% more enthusiastic and try my best! In addition, the headgear was is indeed a bit tight, and it was a struggle for me to blink.

What do you think about the situation? Should it be appropriate for idols to take on multiple shows at the same time, at the expense of their performance quality?

Share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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