Lu Han wishes ex-bandmate Huang Zitao a Happy Birthday at Midnight!

On May 2nd, Luhan wished his former EXO bandmate Huang Zitao a happy birthday at 12.01AM on the dot!

To celebrate his friend’s 27th birthday, Luhan wrote an adorable message on Weibo to Huang Zitao:

The most handsome person in the universe, @Tao, Happy Birthday!???????????? You will become more and more handsome, very soon you’ll catch up with me ????????????

Luhan gifts Zitao a sweet message on Weibo

Huang Zitao wasted no time in crafting an equally affectionate response:

Today I’m the most handsome in the universe, Luhan ge? Haha. The cake is too beautiful ????Love you ❤️

Zitao comments thanking Luhan for his wishes


It has been a long time since both Luhan and Zitao shared the same stage together, and they are now even publicly communicating with each other again. These adorable moments by Luhan and Zitao are surely moments that fans of EXO-L has been long waiting for.


What do you think of this adorable interactions between the two?


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