Lu Keran from THE9 Stands Up For Her Female Fans Against The Paparazzi

Recently, fans of Lu Keran gathered at the airport to welcome her arrival.

However, the paparazzi and fans alike instantly swarmed around her as soon as she set foot in the airport. In a video footage uploaded by her fans, it was also seen that the paparazzi even took pictures of her with the flashlights on. As a result of the crowd, Lu Keran was not able to make her way forward.

Eagle-eyed fans then zoomed into a moment in the video footage where Lu Keran was seen telling off a male paparazzi, who was seen squeezing to make his way to the front of the crowd so as to snap better photos of the star, “Stop squeezing in here, it’s all girls!”

陆柯燃Lu Keran from THE9 (pictured)

In response to the situation, many netizens felt sorry for Lu Keran and also expressed their anger at the paparazzi. The situation also shed light on the idol’s kind personality, as she did not hesitate to speak up for her fans and also to protect them.

Netizens commented, “Xiao Lu is very good! She’s such a kind person” and also “Let’s chase our idols rationally, some of the paparazzi are really annoying, they deliberately like to stick their cameras up people’s faces.”

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  1. Hey! Thanks for writing a post about Keran. Not sure if paparazzi is the right word though. Technically she was fully aware of the fact that those people are taking pictures of her. Nevertheless, she has a great personality and she’s definitely gonna shine in the future.

    1. Hi! We chose the word paparazzi as the meaning of it is defined as “a freelance photographer who pursues celebrities to get photographs of them”, and similarly the description of 代拍 on Baidu is “代拍是指代替别人拍照,在明星出现各种场合拍下高清图片,并高价贩卖” – which directly translates to taking photos on behalf of others (others could be a company/person) and who appears at random places where idols are to snap HQ photos to sell it at a ridiculously high price.

      The paparazzi also sell pictures taken at a high price, to either celeb agencies/highest bidders so hence we found it the most appropriate word in English. There may be a better word for it and you’re welcome to suggest a better term if you have one in mind, as it will be very helpful for us to consider that as well 🙂 Thanks for your feedback and we’re glad you like the post on K Lu!

  2. How do I follow your website to get notifications, specifically for Cpop idols like Lu Keran. As an international fan, I don’t get updates about Cpop idols unlike in Kpop where social media of idols are very accessible by the public worldwide. Please tell me where else can I get updates about Cpop idols? Thank you.

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