Luo Yizhou Emerge As Center For The Youth With You 3 Theme Song Assessment Round 2

Yesterday, the youth inspirational variety show “Youth with You 3” produced by iQiyi officially released the announcement of the second theme song assessment results. The trainee’s theme song stage “We Rock”, was represented by their center, Luo Yizhou. The trainees are loved by the audience for their uniform dance steps and lively performance.

Youth With You 3 Class A Theme Song Evaluation Rankings
Youth With You 3 Class A Theme Song Evaluation Rankings

Theme song assessment and re-rating results announced 11 trainees ranked A.

Through perseverance and hard work, a total of 11 trainees have passed the tests and obtained an A-level excellent result in the theme song assessment.

Luo Yizhou
Luo Yizhou

Among the trainees, the “top students” include Luo Yizhou, Tony Yu Jingtian, Liu Jun, and Sun Yinghao for their stable performance, and their excellent singing and dancing skills were recognized by the instructor group.

Sun Yihang, Lian Huaiwei, X (Duan Xingxing) and Liu Guanyou encouraged each other in during their partnered practice sessions.

Those who have worked hard to and got their desired results include The Dream (Yang Zhixiang) who became the first trainee to record the theme song in just one take. He entered Class A effortlessly. The vocally talented Cui Yunfeng and Jiang Jingzuo also won everyone’s respect with impeccable singing and amazing performance.

After the rating results were announced, Class A trainees began to compete for the center position of the theme song. The 11 trainees used the Dance Break part of their theme song “We Rock” as a source of inspiration. They performed a one-hour improvised stage dance.

Luo Yizhou Gets Center Position for Youth With You 3 Theme Song
Luo Yizhou Gets Center Position for Youth With You 3 Theme Song

Jiang Jingzuo combined his own experience on the stage while he sang the theme song of “Youth With You 3” and “Idol Trainee” to make the audience cheer loudly in response.

Lian Huaiwei once again performed the artificial lift on the stage. As always, he is relaxed when he performs and and infects the audience with his bubbly self and happiness. After a different style of personal interpretation, the B, C, and N trainees got their votes tallied by the audience on the spot.

In the end, Luo Yizhou won the first place with 21 votes by virtue of his excellent stage performance, and successfully served as the center of the theme song. Tony Yu Jingtian who is another another popular candidate, missed the center position by two votes.

After a three-month closed training, the trainees boldly demonstrated themselves in the four stages of preliminary rating, location evaluation, “I want”, and theme song, demonstrating their “wild imagination and never giving up” as said in the lyrics of the theme song.

This Saturday, the trainees will be eliminated in the first round for this season. Who can continue to compete for 9 debut seats in the next schedule? Who will say goodbye to everyone regrets and go to another future?

Let’s tune into Youth With You 3 at 7PM on Saturday nights to catch the show!

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