Ma Jiaqi Tells Fans Not To Despair Over College Entrance Exam Results

Ma Jiaqi, the Teen In Times leader shared a post about his college entrance exam results in early hours of this morning.

Ma Jiaqi Tells Fans Not To Despair Over College Entrance Exam Results

Ma jiaqi teen in times
MMa Jiaqi reports the college entrance examination results late at night: “Don’t be depressed because of me”

In the long post attached in the form of an image, Ma Jiaqi wrote:

“I am here to share my college entrance exam results. So sorry, I did not make the cut for minimum score required for the cultural studies subject. I have been deliberating over this issue for a long time and I don’t know how to talk about it. I still think it is best for me to reveal the situation myself.

Before this, I have been making up for the cultural lessons I missed out in school. It is a pity that the results are not as ideal. Actually I have always been aware that I am an average person, however I want to be better at doing things and work a little harder to become more like the clever Ma Jiaqi. No matter whether this is for my parents or for you al, as long as I can bring some anticipation and hope for everyone else. However, now I am sharing this non-shiny and unaccomplished version of me for you all, therefore I want to say I am very very sorry….

Even so, I have never decided to shut up about the issue, shun it or give up on it. Apart from work, I am interested in music and performance lessons and will continue to attend them. Of course, I will also spend more time on cultural studies. I hope that everyone will not feel sad because of me over the issue. Goodnight.”

Ma Jiaqi’s Weibo Post

For an idol who has to juggle between work and studies, it is indeed not easy to manage both at once. We wish Ma Jiaqi all the best in his future endeavours.

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