Meng Jia Apologizes For The Plagiarism Of The Cover Art for “Glass Wall”

The former Miss A member, Meng Jia, recently released a new single titled “Glass Wall” featuring Vava on January 28th, 10:00 a.m. (CST). 

Meng Jia Accused of Plagarism for Glass WallMeng Jia Was Accused of Plagarism For The Cover Art for her song, “Glass Wall”

Her solo comeback was highly anticipated, following her successful girl group debut in China with the “X Sisters.” This comeback was also the idol’s first comeback in 3 years since her last music release in 2018. 

Before the song was officially released, the artist has also performed it on the variety show “Lady Land.”


However, fifteen minutes after the song was released, Meng Jia made a post on Weibo:

The song that was set aside for three years has finally been released. Thank you to my great sister Vava for featuring (in my song). First, listen to the song and tell the story later.

Meng Jia’s Weibo Post


She also followed-up with a post on the journey behind the preparation of her latest single.

When I wrote this song three years ago, I had some ideas, but I was not courageous enough until later I invited Vava to help me with a feature. I didn’t expect that she is on the same line with (my vision of) this song! Confidence, freedom, love, and strength. These are how women’s enthusiasm for love should be. It is what I have always wanted to express!


Every time I release a song, I have always asked myself beforehand, is there anything new for everyone this time? As a dance-singer, rather than singing to others, I would like to express myself. Three years of setting this song aside have invested a lot! Many people may say that I tried too hard to release the single. I was even topless! But when I wrote this song, I couldn’t think about what kind of clothes or style to express. I like the way my fans interpret the single: “Glass Wall.” It does not only represent the distance between human beings, but also women’s tolerance to themselves and their protection to the bottom line! I will not be ashamed to show off my body figure. I wish the people who see this feel beautiful, clean, just like how I feel. I am very happy that at my best age and state, I can record everything with this work, encourage everyone, and muster the courage to embrace a better self.

If you can obtain some courage and strength through this song, it means that my identity as a dance-singer and a little idol is meaningful.

Meng Jia’s Journey Behind The Song


Yet the celebration following the single’s release was short-lived, as Meng Jia’s latest single faced allegations of plagarism. Netizens noticed that the cover art of Meng Jia’s latest single resembled a model’s image on Instagram.


Meng Jia’s “Glass Wall” Cover Art

At 10:30 p.m. (CST), Meng Jia’s studio issued an apology post in response to the alleged cover art plagiarism.

The studio stated that they had indeed provided the setting plan to Meng Jia for confirmation. But as Meng Jia had not seen the original sample picture (with the model), she approved the (photoshoot) set scheme. When shooting, the staff team acknowledged the similarity, but they didn’t remind Meng Jia of the related risks. In this regard, the studio apologized to the original owners of the photograph informed fans that they will also contact the creators of the artwork personally to discuss the appropriate damages for compensation.


Meng Jia’s Studio Apology Post


At 11:11 p.m. (CST), Meng Jia also wrote an apology post.

I’m sorry, I’m regretful, I have taken the warning. I’m sorry.


Meng Jia’s Apology Post

This is not the first time a C-pop idol has been accused on plagiarism in the industry. Due to the lack of communication and coordination between idols and their managements, slip-ups can occur and an idol can sometimes find themselves in the midst of a copyright allegations. This has happened not just to Meng Jia, but also to Luhan, He Luo Luo and Lin Yanjun.

We hope that the issue can be resolved soon as it is Meng Jia’s first comeback afterall since 2018.

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