Meng Meiqi To Take Part in Variety Show, “Born to Dance”

As of today (5 August), iQiyi’s announced the mentors of its upcoming dance show, BORN TO DANCE! After Liu Yuxin‘s departure from the show a month ago due to body complications, iQiyi announces its new selection of mentors, including Tong Liya, Jin Chen and Meng Meiqi.

Official announcement
Official announcement

The Announcement about Meng Meiqi

iQiyi’s announcement: Just dance! The devil of dancing on the beat is legendary. Introducing our cool, hot BORN TO DANCE mentor Meng Meiqi. The lights are ready, the stage will be released with a touch!

Meng Meiqi then reposted, saying: Welcome to the Dance Students’ world. The drums have to be exact, the rhythm has to be steady; let’s dance!

Netizens React:
[+12,000] Teacher Meng, can you come home and teach me how to dance? I want to be taught by you too, can you can you 🥺🥺
[+11,000] Really miss Teacher Meng!!!
[+10,000] We can spend this summer with Teacher Meng 🥰 Looking forward to it 😍
[+10,000] Looking forward, baby!!!
[+9063] Going to be able to see Teacher Meng again, wow!

Netizens React

Sina Entertainment shared a behind-the-scenes video of Meng Meiqi’s shoot, expressing their excitement and want for the official release!


Weibo Influencer Post [1]: The official announcement is here! New variety to watch while eating. Meiqi’s new photos are also really attractive 😊

Meng Meiqi's latest photos
Meng Meiqi’s latest photos

Netizens React:
[+272] The summer wind is really here, looking forward to meeting teacher Meng!
[+156] Her body’s really too good 👍
[+140] Teacher Meng, born dancer
[+105] Her photos are really attractive
[+78] Pretty and elegant
[+66] Looking forward to her stunning stages

Weibo Influencer Post [2]: AAA Meng Meiqi is announced to join BORN TO DANCE! In the poster, she’s wearing a blue jumpsuit, and her aura is really powerful. She’s a great singer and dancer, and a creator of special stages. This time, she’s joining BORN TO DANCE, and we’ll be able to satisfy ourselves with our love for stages. Please schedule all kinds of stages!

Netizens React:
[+50] Great at singing and dancing, a true treasure, too worth looking forward to
[+28] She really deserves to be a dance teacher
[+26] Wow! Meiqi’s going to be a dance mentor too, this is amazing

Meng Meiqi
Meng Meiqi

What are your thoughts on Meng Meiqi joining BORN TO DANCE as a teacher? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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