Meng Meiqi On Her Finale Dance Battle Against Liu Yuxin For Masked Dance King: Everyone Is Unique and Special

Meng Meiqi responded with Liu Yuxin's battle: everyone is unique

In an exclusive interview with Yuli recently, Meng Meiqi responded to questions on Liu Yuxin’s dance battle against her in “The Masked Dance King”

Meng Meiqi responds to her dance battle against Liu Yuxin in an exclusive interview
Meng Meiqi responds to her dance battle against Liu Yuxin in an exclusive interview


In the exclusive interview, she responded to questions about the competition between the two during the finale battle. Particularly, because both Meng Meiqi and Liu Yuxin both debuted as the center of their survival show girl groups, Rocket Girls and THE9 respectively, fans naturally liked to draw comparisons between the two.

In response, Meng Meiqi said, “I don’t particularly want to compare. Because I think everyone is unique and has their own outstanding areas. Why do we compare? Actually, when I danced with Yu Xin on that show, what we were trying to express was not who is better than the other, and it was not about what was good or bad. What we were trying to do was to dedicate our passions using the simplest way possible that is through dancing, and to also present the works we have prepared in our own hearts to everyone, and show them to those we like. This is what makes us satisfied.”

Although the two were ferocious during the finale dance battle, they were both friendly and cordial on stage.

Though Meng Meiqi ultimately emerged as the champion dancer this season, she definitely has a great amount of respect towards Liu Yuxin!

We hope that fans can continue to show their support for these two outstanding and passionate idols!

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