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Wu Xuanyi Fires Back At Netizens Who Criticise Her Way Of Handling Hateful Comments

Wu Xuanyi has been a trending topic on Weibo recently after she made a statement saying that "girls in the entertainment circle are not treated well."

Darren Wang Talu and Rumored Girlfriend Joey Chua Have Been Spotted Kissing In Public

Recently, the paparazzi captured a footage of the actor Darren Wang Talu and rumored girlfriend Joey Chua (Cai Zhuoyi) from "Youth With You 2" kissing late at night. The news became trending on Weibo's...

INTO1 Confirms Official Fandom Name, Color and Fan Chant

In a blink of an eye, it has already been a month since the debut of the C-pop boy band, INTO1! The band has since decided on their official fandom name, color and fan...

“Youth With You 3” Trainee Yan Xi Gets Accused Of Stealing, His Studio Clarifies The Misunderstanding

Liam Yan Xi (彦希) was accused by the store owner of "Yawn Beijing" for stealing something from the store, where he was caught on footage.

Cao Yuchen from The Untamed Boys and Esther Supreeleela Drop Their MV, “If It Ain’t You”

The long-awaited MV for "If It Ain't You" is out today! It is a duet sung by Cao Yuchen, member of The Untamed Boys (T.U.B.S) who starred in the billion-viewed Chinese drama series “The...

“Word Of Honor” Will Air On Netflix At End Of May

Recently, it has been revealed on the Internet that "Word of Honor" starring Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun will be broadcast on Netflix on May 28, 2021. The show's description and related information is...

Liang Jie Confirms Break-Up with Fiance Pu Bajia

Liang Jie has been the long-time girlfriend of Pu Jiaba. The Tibetian singer proposed to the actress in 2018. The actress is best known for her role in “The Eternal Favored Concubine” where she...

Esther Yu and Ryan Ding Yuxi Take On Roles The Sweet Editor And The Jealous Author in “Moonlight”

Although the love story has no complicated plot, the identities of the characters in "Moonlight" by Esther Yu and Ding Yuxi are very novel and unique.

Li Xian Denies Dating Rumours With Wang Zixuan

On May 20th, Li Xian dismissed rumors about his "secret relationship" with Wang Zixuan on Instagram. The post was later like by his alleged love interest, Wang Zixuan.

Tong Liya’s Past Love Letter To Chen Sicheng Becomes An Embarrassment Following Their Divorce

After Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng announced their divorce, netizens recently looked back at Tong Liya's old "puppy love" letter to her ex.

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