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Eric Chou Gets Back Together With Former News Anchor Girlfriend, Dacie Chao

According to Taiwanese media reports, Eric Chou and former news anchor girlfriend Dacie Chao were embracing each other on the street.

Kris Wu Responds To Allegations That He Ghosted His “Ex-Girlfriend”: Stream My Music

Kris Wu finally broke the silence on recent allegations made by a influencer, Dou Meizhu, that he was a 'scumbag' who had ghosted her for a month despite them 'dating.'

Kris Wu Gets Exposed As A “Scumbag” By Netizen Claiming To Be His Alleged Girlfriend’s Best Friend

Kris Wu Yifan was recently exposed as being a 'scumbag' by a netizen claiming to be his former girlfriend's best friend.

Wang Ziqi Seen Holding Hands With Rumored Girlfriend Wang Churan

Wang Ziqi, the male lead for the Chinese drama, "The Imperial Coroner" was allegedly spotted on a date with rumored girlfriend, Wang Churan.

Cai Xukun and Angelababy Alleged To Have Embarked On A “Private” Trip Together, WayV’s Lucas Steps Up To Deflect Rumours

Recently, netizens identified that Angelababy and Cai Xukun were in photos from a yacht trip together, causing speculations that the two Keep Running members had embark on the trip privately. Later, WayV's Lucas shared...

Wang Ziyi Has Failed To Terminate His Contract With His Label, Causing Fans To Be Upset

On May 31, Wang Ziyi 's contract termination issue was addressed by Simply Joy Music on their Weibo page. The label issued a contract addressing the dispute between Simple Happy Culture and its artist...

Zhang Zhehan ‘s Studio Lodge Police Report Against Fans Who Illegally Changed His Flight Boarding Details

Zhang Zhehan 's studio recently issued a warning against fans who have illegally intruded into the actor's private life at the airport. The latest run-in had nearly caused a delay in the actor's flight...

Dilireba and Gong Jun Are Rumored To Star in Upcoming Drama “Legend of Anle”

The recent prospect of Dilireba and Gong Jun starring in the same drama has caused a huge buzz on the Chinese internet.

Curley Gao Drops Her New EP, “Amoxicillin”

Curley Gao (Xilinayi) has dropped her solo EP titled "Amoxicillin" today. The Bon Bon Girls center has released EP containing two songs, including the title song and a second song, "Mirror."

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo’s Fans Raised Money To Construct “Wu Ji” Road Inspired By The Untamed’s Theme Song

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo 's fans have cooperated and raised enough money to make a donation to build the "Wuji Road." Netizens have praised fans of the pair, as they have successfully championed...

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